Who Sells Cockatiels Near Me?

Who Sells Cockatiels Near Me?

How much do cockatiels at Petco cost? Cockatiels range from $80 to $150.

How much should I pay for a cockatiel? Cockatiels range from $80 to $150. Amazon greys can be between $700 to $1,500.

Does PetSmart sell cockatiels?

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How much is the cheapest parrot?

Generic Budgie/Parakeet $15 – $100
———————– ———–
Cockatiel $50 – $150
Parrotlet $150 – $600
Indian Ringneck $175 – $250
Cockatoo $2000

Does Petbarn sell cockatiels?

How much does cockatiel cost?

Cockatiels range from $80 to $150.

How much does a cockatiel cost at PetSmart?

How much does a cockatiel cost at PetSmart? Costs of a cockatiel at PetSmart is similar to that at Petco – $100 to $150. The price depends on the area and how fancy the color of the bird is.

How much is a pet bird cost?

According to Kiplinger, these are the average costs you should budget for if you’re considering a parakeet or other non-exotic small bird: First-year cost: $295. Annual cost: $185 (plus unforeseen vet costs) Total lifetime cost (average lifespan of parakeet: 15 to 18 years): $2,885 to $3,440.

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Are cockatiels good pets?

Cockatiels are gentle, affectionate pets. They fit in small homes and are usually welcome in apartments. You and your cockatiel can have lots of fun interacting with each other; they like to be touched but will also just hang out with you happily.

Is getting a cockatiel worth it?

Cockatiels Are Good For The Young Ones (But Not Too Young) Like many small birds, cockatiels can make great pets if you have children in the house. They’re small, colorful, and can make a bunch of different noises. So they’re pretty much your child’s imaginary friend brought to life.

How much does a big bird cost?

Larger birds will be much more. Expect to pay about $200 for a large bird cage, and at least $300 for the bird itself. The overall costs are going to be determined by the specific species with a rough estimate breakdown listed below.

What is the most expensive bird to have as a pet?

Hyacinth Macaw

What birds does PetSmart sell?

How much do big parrots cost?

Parrot Species Price Range in 2018 (USD) Avg Price (USD)
————— ————————- —————
Large Parakeets $80 to $150 $115
Large Conures $500 to $700 $600
Lorikeets $600 to $1000 $800
Lovebirds $50 to $200 $125

Does Petbarn sell birds?

Browse our pet birds for sale, as well as our full range of supplies – and find everything you need to give your pets a home they’ll love.

What is the cheapest type of cockatiel?

The cheapest can be bought at $10 while the most expensive is at $250. Prices depend on the colors and breeds of the bird. Meanwhile, thefinchfarm.com provided specific Cockatiel-bird prices depending on their types. Cockatiel – Albino would cost $211.99 while Cockatiel – Cinnamon costs $131.99.

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How can I buy a cockatiel?

How much does a cockatiel cost?

Cockatiels range from $80 to $150.

Why you shouldn’t get a cockatiel?

They are not for everyone. They can be noisy and demanding of attention. They can be somewhat messy as they scatter their seed. Cockatiel feathers create a fine dust that settles on your furniture.

How much does a parakeet cost at Petco?

The Price of Parakeets at Petco is $21.99, while private breeders can range anywhere from $50 to a couple hundred dollars.