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Where To Buy Axolotl? Getting A Great Deal And Healthy Pet

According to legend, the first axolotl was a God who decided to change his form in order to avoid being sacrificed. As much as axolotl may not necessarily be a god it’s a very amazing animal. An axolotl is basically a small type of salamander classified under the group of amphibians.

Unlike other amphibians, axolotl do not transition their life when growing to an adult form. Instead, they permanently reside in water. Other amphibians like frogs undergo metamorphosis and transition their life in water to life on land.

Where to buy Axolotl? As a first-time buyer, I would always suggest going instore to buy an Axolotl, ideally to from a reputable breeder and not from a generic big brand pet store.  If that isn’t an option for you, then you can buy online, we’ve listed several online sellers with good reputations below.


A mature axolotl which is about 18-24 months ranges in length from about 15 to 45 centimeters and weighs somewhere between 2 and 8 ounces. It resembles the larvae of other salamanders in that it has lidless eyes, wide head, long digits, frilled grills, and a long tail. Males possess a swollen cloaca while females have a wider body full of eggs. They use their gills for respiration though sometimes they simply gulp surface air to supplement their oxygen supply.

Axolotl are known to change their color frequently due to the four unique pigmentation in their body. The wild type consists of an olive-brown coloration with gold speckles while the mutant colors can be gold with gold eyes, pink with black eyes or gray with black eyes and black. They are known to alter their camouflage in order to hide but only to a limited extent.

Habitat and distribution

The natural habitat for axolotl is Lake Xochimilco that is located near Mexico City.  They reside at the bottom of the lake and along the canals. Axolotls do not mature into air-breathing adults like other amphibians hence spend most of their time in the water. These animals reside in cool and high-altitude environments because metamorphosis requires high energy expenditure. Nonetheless, axolotls can be induced with iodine to metamorphose or rather by ingesting iodine-rich food.

Axolotls are carnivores in nature in that they eat worms, crustaceans, insect larvae, mollusks, and small fish. Salamanders generally hunt through smell then they snap the prey and suck it in just like a vacuum cleaner. Within the lake environment, axolotls have no real predators however, their biggest threat is large fish which eat the young axolotls.

Very little is known about the reproduction of axolotl. They mature in the larval stage and take around 6-12 months. The females usually mature later than males. When the temperatures in the lake start to rise it signifies the start of the breeding season.

Males generally excel spermatophores into the lake and then lure females over them. The females then pick the sperms through their cloaca and fertilize them to produce eggs. The females release an average of 400 to 100 eggs during the spawning period. The laid eggs are usually attached to a rock or plant and the female may breed several times during one season. The tails and gills of larvae are usually visible in the egg and hatching occurs within 2 and 3 weeks.

How to buy axolotl

There are a lot of reasons as to why one should buy axolotl. Before you make sure that you learn about the amphibian first. Get to know the kind of environment that is favorable for it to survive. This is not a fish but an amphibian hence a freshwater tank will be very suitable. Another thing that you need to know is the different types of the axolotl.

For instance GFP Lucy and GFP wild type. GFP simply means that they glow yellow-green under a blue LED light or blacklight. Other types of axolotl include melanoid, regular albino, albino melanoid and golden albino. When shopping for axolotl make sure that you buy them at recommended prices. They are not as expensive as you can get them for as low as $50. You can even get better offers than this in the market.

For a first time buyer, I would advise going instore to buy an Axolotl.  Not only can you see in person what you’re getting, but you may get some excellent advice at the same time.

The second best place to shop for axolotl is online. There are a lot of online retail stores that stock axolotl at competitive prices. Make sure that you look for a legit website that stocks the amphibians. Check the credibility and client reviews of the website to make sure that it is not a scam. There are a lot of scammers on the internet these days who operate online eCommerce stores for fraudulent activities. The best vendor for axolotl is one who breeds the amphibians. If you can find someone who breeds them from eggs up to the time they mature then you will get the best deal.

You want to check out the following online stores:

You should look for a supplier who provides delivery services. The supplier should be able to guarantee delivery of axolotl that is live 100%. To ensure their survival the temperatures should be at the recommended level during packaging and transportation. In case the supplier arrives with a dead axolotl then they should consider replacement or refund.

Once you have received your axolotl that you have prepared a tank where you are going to keep it. Make sure that you purchase a filter for the tank the cost of the filter will depend on the size of the tank that you use. You will also need to add prime to the water. If you do not condition the water then chlorine or any other form of a chemical will kill or harm your axolotl. In your tank, you should provide your axolotl with a place to hide.

It is their nature to hide hence make sure that you provide something that doesn’t have spikes or pointed edges. You will also need a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water. You should provide food for the axolotl. They like frozen blood worm cubes and frozen brine shrimp.

Do not leave gravel, rocks or pebbles anywhere in the tank. Anything smaller than the axolotl is not accepted. Do not keep them with other animals as they might nip or cause illness. If you have enough space just add another axolotl. You should also never use soap to clean the tank or anything that touches the tank. For poop and unused food just use a turkey buster. In case you are tempted to touch the axolotl, please don’t. You can harm the slime coating that protects them.

Where to buy axolotl

Axolotls are unique creatures and despite their unique characteristics, you can own them as your pet. In case you are wondering where you should buy axolotl then you should consider buying axolotl from an exotic breeder or dealer. You can do your research or even consult a veterinarian who can guide you on where to find axolotl. 

Axolotl requires more intense care, unlike other pets. From the environment, they live in to the food they eat. Everything has to be within the required specifications. They are amphibious creatures meaning that they possess the ability to breathe through their gills and lings. However, they cannot survive on land hence only live in freshwater conditions. This is because their body is ductile as it is only made of cartilage. Their skin is sensitive to light, therefore water helps to disperse light that who hit and endanger the skin of the axolotl.

Tank requirements

Axolotls require a tank size of between 15 and 20 gallons. This is because they grow to a maximum of a foot long. You don’t necessarily have to fill the tank with water completely. Just make sure that there is enough water to cover the axolotl a foot length. Their natural environment is cool hence you do not need to keep them in the sun or provide heating conditions. Focus on temperatures that are range between 57-68 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Before you introduce axolotl make sure that you have filters in the new aquarium. This aids in allowing the water to settle as well as the filtration of the bacteria. You should keep an eye on the parameters of the water while using the test kits sold at the aquarium stores. Make sure that the water is cycled weakly or bi-weekly and at least 40-50% of the water is removed and replaced with conditioned tap water.

It should not be hot or cold. You should also ensure that you remove anything that is at the bottom of the tank. Objects such as uneaten food, poop may create ammonia if not removed which is toxic for the axolotl. Ammonia is very harmful as it can kill the axolotl. You should never accidentally hit your axolotl with your siphon and it can cause serious bodily harm. In case you find trouble working with a siphon while the Axolotl is in the tank then make an effort to remove it.

Lastly, most axolotls reach a total length of 10 inches while only a few will pass to 12 inches. They reach sexual maturity when they are about 8 inches and this can be in six months but in many cases, it takes a year. Proper care is very crucial and avoiding breeding them early is it can have harsh effects on the life of the amphibian. They are known to live up to 15 years if given proper care.


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