What Eats Neon Tetras?

What Eats Neon Tetras?

Do silver dollars eat neon tetras? Will silver dollar fish eat tetras? Silver dollar fish do not antagonize other species of fish and they will not eat the eggs or fry of other fish in your tank.

Can black mollies live with Tetras? They can, and many people claim to keep them together with no trouble. However, just take a look at the necessary water parameters for each type of fish and you’ll see That guppies and Mollies prefer hard alkaline water and tetras prefer soft acidic water.

Will Cory catfish eat neon tetras? Cory’s are pretty much a scavenger, unable to inflict enough harm to kill a fish. Neons are quite sensitive, and I’d say you water parameters caused their death. The cory’s would just have made a meal of the already dead bodies.

What Eats Neon Tetras – Related Questions

Do tetras and mollies get along?

Mollies and neon tetras can live together. Mollies are often included in lists of the most compatible tankmates for neon tetras. Although both species are entirely peaceful, some mollies and neon tetras have been known to manifest aggressive tendencies.

Do molly fish eat Tetras?

A molly fish can eat a neon tetra if it chooses to. However, this is unlikely to happen. Mollies and neon tetras are both peaceful, non-aggressive fish.

Why are my silver dollar fish chasing each other?

Sounds like mating behavior to me. The fish may very well turn black or have black spots, the fins may also be tipped in black during this time. Perfectly normal behavior. Sometimes mine (and I have 8 of them) display the same behavior, they will chase each other then stand side by side and just quiver.

Are silver dollar fish fin nippers?

yes, silver sollars fin nippers. they should never be kept with fish such as angels or bettas because of this. they are closely related to pirannah, after all. keep them in a big school to prevent this.

Do Mollies eat other fish?

They will eat their fry when allowed, but I’ve never seen any of the normal livebearers prey on other fish. x2 on cycling. your fish most likely jumped out because of ammonia burns.

What do silver dollar fish like to eat?

Even though the silver dollar prefers a vegetarian diet, they will also eat meaty foods as treats. They are especially fond of bloodworms, mosquito larvae (glass worms), and brine shrimp.

How many silver dollars should be kept together?

5 individuals

Do neon tetras eat other fish?

Neons are small, peaceful fish. So they do best with other fish that have a similar personality. Large, aggressive fish will bully and possibly eat them.

What fish will eat neon tetras?

Silver sharks are peaceful but grow to over a foot in length, are skittish, and will eat small fish like Neon tetras. Common plecs and Gibbiceps are good algae eaters but grow way too large for the average aquarium at 45cm/18″. They also leave long strings of poo everywhere, get caught up in and uproot your plants.

Can Fin nipping kill fish?

The only other fish that seem to go with them are ottos. Fin nipping can kill over time because the fish will become stressed.

Will angelfish eat neon tetras?

Angelfish often eat Guppies, Neon Tetras and White Clouds. Some Tetra’s such as Black Skirt Tetra, Blind Cave Tetra, Diamond Tetra, Lemon Tetra, Serpae Tetra and Silver Tip Tetra should all work with the Angelfish.

Can Fin nipping cause fin rot?

Do not overcrowd the tank, and watch for signs of fighting between fish that may damage fins. Take care when choosing tank mates for fish that have long flowing fins, as fin-nipping leaves fish more susceptible to fin rot.

What fish can be kept with neon tetras?

So, What Fish Are Compatible With Neon Tetras? The Neon Tetra is compatible with some of the following fish. Guppies, Angelfish (Use With Caution), Mollies, Loaches, Cardinal Tetras, Corydoras Catfish, and other friendly fish.

Will Tetras eat Molly Fry?

Can I put 8 neon tetras with my 3 guppy fry . Born today. They will eat them. If a fish can fit anything into its mouth, it will eat it.

What fish go well with Tetras?

Neon tetras make good tank mates with angelfish, bettas, cardinal tetras, cory catfish, discus fish, guppies, harlequin rasboras, mollies, plecos, white cloud minnows and, of course, other neon tetras. They can also co-exist with African dwarf frogs, apple snails, loaches and ghost shrimp.

What fish do Mollies get along with?

As peaceful fish they don’t cause many problems, so they go great with other peaceful species in a community aquarium. Some good choices include: Cherry Barbs, Corydoras Catfish, Danios, Dwarf Gourami, Harlequin Rasbora, Platies, Rosy Barbs, Tetras, Yo-yo Loaches, and Zebra Loaches.

Do silver dollar fish eat other fish?

Silver dollar fish do not antagonize other species of fish and they will not eat the eggs or fry of other fish in your tank. Beware, however, that these fish are ravenous eaters of plant life so if you plan to keep them in your aquarium be sure to stick to either plastic plants or hardier varieties of live plants.