What Does Toad Poop Look Like

What Does Toad Poop Look Like? (More Than Unusual Than You’d Expect)

Warning: this is going to be a weird post. I am going to talk about poop and it is not going to be pleasant. However, by the end of the post, you will have all the knowledge you need to distinguish toad poop from anything else you see out there. You will be a toad poop expert! LOL! 

Anyway, let’s get to the main business. What does toad poop look like? Well, toad poop looks like frog poop. Why? Because toads are a special type of frog. Like all frogs, toads excrete a black or sometimes dark brownish poop. When the poop is fresh it looks slimy and shiny. It also looks big. And when its dries, it becomes smaller and no longer shines. 

Therefore, if you stumble upon anything that matches the fresh or dry toad excrement descriptions above, you will know what you are dealing with. 

The Difference between Toad Poop and Frog Poop

As I have mentioned above, toad poop looks like frog poop. This is because toads are actually frogs. However, while toad excrement has the same appearance as frog excrement, toad excrement is almost always bigger in size than toad excrement. The reason why is because most toad species are bigger than most frog species. Therefore, considering their size, it is only natural that they should be eating more and dropping heavier or bigger size loads. 

Toad Poop Size

The most interesting or intriguing thing about toad poop is its size. Toad excrement is almost always massive compared to its body size. In other words, when you see a toad excreting, you will most definitely be surprised by the size of the load it will drop. In some cases, toads have been captured on video excreting poop almost equal to 30 percent their size. It is weird to watch such videos (a number are available on YouTube) but they are very educational. They show clearly how massive toad poop is relative to their body size.

According to some experienced amphibian keepers, toad poop is almost always much bigger than the size of a quarter dollar. This information should give you a firm idea of the average size of toad poop. It is also information you can use to verify if what you have seen on your porch, in your garage, in your backyard, around your pool, or somewhere in your garden is toad poop. 

Furthermore, if you are planning to keep a toad as a pet, it is also information that will help you to guestimate how much excrement you will be cleaning almost daily from your new pet’s enclosure.

So, Why Is Toad Poop Big/ Massive?

Toads, like most frogs, eat a lot of food. They eat a lot of food because in the wild they usually do not know when they will eat next. So the uncertainty makes them eat as much as they can whenever they find something to eat.

Moreover, toads also eat a lot of food since if they leave prey/ food, they know other toads or predators will eat it. Therefore, because they cannot store it safely somewhere for their next meal, they store it safely in their stomachs. The above thought-processes that make toads eat a lot of food are ingrained in the brains of not just wild toads but also captive-bred toads. 

So all types of toads are wired to eat a lot of food. And it is this fact that makes them poop massive excrement.

Where Can You Find Toad Poop?

If for whatever reason, you have never seen toad poop and you really want to see it, you’ve got three options. 

The first option is to get a toad as a pet. Having your own toad in an enclosure will enable you to see toad poop almost daily. It will also allow you to see a toad (your toad) pooping.

The second option is to visit a pet store that breeds and/ or sells toads. When you visit, ask the attendants to show you the toads they are selling and you will most probably see toad poop in the tanks/ enclosures where the toads for sale are kept. 

The third option is to go on a toad poop hunt. Toads like shitting in backyards, porches, and around pools. If there are toads in your neighborhood, you will see their excrement in such places. If you do not find anything, visit the nearest water body and look around it especially in places where people do not pass a lot. You will surely see toads or frogs and their excrements if you are lucky. 

How to Clean Away Toad Poop?

If you landed on this page because you wanted to confirm if what you had seen in your front porch or backyard is toad poop and you have done just that, it is time to clean the mess. 

The best way to clean toad poop is to collect it using tissues after it gets firm and dry. Because this will make it easy to pick and will make your work much easier. When you pick toad poop, you should throw it in your organic trash bin or flush it down your toilet.

If you pick toad poop and there is something left on the surface where you picked it, you should use more tissue or get wipes and clean up the area. After that, you should disinfect the area to kill any disease-causing organisms that may have been on the poop. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Toads and Frogs?

Toads are frogs or rather a special type of frog. They are both amphibians and look very much alike. However, toads and frogs are also different in many ways. Perhaps the biggest difference between toads and frogs is the fact that toads usually have dry and warty skin, while frogs have smooth and moist skin.

The dry skin of toads allows them to live in both moist and dry environments, while the moist skin of frogs requires them to stay close to water bodies to frequently reabsorb the water they lose through their skin.

Another significant difference between toads and frogs is in how they move. Toads are usually heavier with shorter legs, therefore, they just hop about. In contrast, frogs are lighter and have got longer and powerful hind legs that enable them to jump high and long. 

Final Word

You now know what toad poop looks like. It is impossible that you will ever confuse it with anything else. You now also know much more about toad excrement than the average person out there. The knowledge you have gained over the last few minutes will come in handy in one way or the other sooner or later in your life. I guarantee that.