What Does Frog Poop Look Like

What Does Frog Poop Look Like? (Big Surprise)

Let me start off by confessing that this article was not very pleasant to research or write. I have never researched or written anything like it. Some of the images I saw were traumatizing. Ok, that is not true. However, the fact that this article was not pleasant to research or write is true. 

Nevertheless, I persevered through everything in pursuit of knowledge and to make sure readers like you get to know the right answer to the question “What does frog poop look like?”

The fact that you are on this page is probably thanks to your discovery of a mysterious looking poop whose origin you are not sure. You want to ascertain if what you have seen is what you think it is or if it is something else. Do not worry. From the section below you will learn how frog poop looks when fresh and when dry and its exact size.

Let’s begin.

So, What Does Frog Poop Look Like?

I was shocked to find out how big frog poop looks like the first time I saw it. I believe almost everybody gets shocked the first time they see frog poop or pooping. This is because frog poop is almost always very big and not very proportional to frog bodies. 

Fresh frog poop looks very dark and very big. It is usually either black or dark brown but with a shiny coating. When frog poop is fresh it is usually quite massive and almost equal to 30 percent of the size of the pooping frog. This shows how big it is.

However, it usually quickly dries out and becomes somewhat smaller and less shiny. 

There are very many videos of frogs pooping on YouTube. Watch one or two for the sake of science and you will appreciate why I keep insisting frog poop is massive considering the size of frogs. 

Why Is Frog Poop Massive?

When you show someone who has never seen frogs pooping before a picture of a frog poop relative to their body size, most probably they will not believe it. They will think you are lying. So why is frog poop so big / so massive when compared to their body size?

Well, frogs in the wild never know when they will eat next. Sometimes they find plenty of food consistently, sometimes they go for hours or days hungry without food. Therefore, over generations, their brains have been hardwired to eat as much food as possible when they find it. And just like humans, when frogs eat a lot of food they poop massive feces. So the answer to the question “Why is frog poop massive?” is that it is massive because they eat a lot of food at a go since they do not know when they will get food next.

You may feel sorry for frogs thinking that they must feel a lot of pain when excreting but nothing could be further from the truth. Frogs do not feel any pain while pooping massive feces because their bodies are adapted to pooping massive feces. 

Is There A Difference Between Frog Poop And Toad Poop?

Frogs and toads are very closely related. They are like peas in a pod. It is, therefore, very hard for an untrained eye to tell them apart. 

In terms of size, most toad species are bigger than most frog species. Therefore, their poop is also bigger. Since toads and frogs are closely related, toad poop looks very much like frog poop. So the difference between toad poop and frog poop is usually the size. 

Like frogs, toads also eat a lot of food at a go. They do this because they do not know when they will eat next. And since they eat a lot they must poop a lot. 

Toads are also adapted to excreting massive feces just like frogs. So they feel no pain when pooping massive feces almost every other day. 

Where Can You Find Frog Poop To See?

If you want to see frog poop or pooping, you’ve got two options. Option number one entails buying a frog to keep as a pet and option number two entails going to places in nature where you can most likely find frog poop or see frogs pooping.

If you follow option number one, you will get to see frog poop almost every day. You will also get to see your frog pooping frequently. If such things fascinate you or you want to see them for science, you should strongly consider option number one. 

Option number two involves going out to places in nature where there are high chances that you will find frog poop or see frogs pooping. Places in nature where you can find frog poop include near lakes and rivers and other places that are moist and damp in your locality. This is because frogs like such places. If you see or hear frogs in your neighborhood, you should also look around pools in your neighborhood and in backyards. Frogs also like pooping in such places. 

Remember, the above are not the only places where frogs poop. Frogs excrete or poop anywhere they want when they feel like. They are not like humans. Frogs can even poop in pool water or when parched on walls. So if you are looking for frog poop after hearing or seeing frogs around your place, look just about anywhere you can look and there is half a chance you will see something. 

What is the Relative Size of Frog Poop?

If for some reason you actually do not want to see images or watch videos of frog poop, I understand. Here is the information you are looking for instead of the images and videos: frog poop is slightly bigger than a quarter dollar. So if you have a quarter in your wallet or somewhere at home, put it down and imagine something slightly bigger than it. This should give you a clear picture of how big frog feces are.

So if you have noticed something mysterious in your porch, backyard, or around your pool, just look at its appearance and check if it is bigger than a quarter dollar. If it is, then it is very likely frog poop. 

Final Word

If you are a regular reader of my blog, I apologize for this post. It is weird but I believe it is also necessary for people who want to keep a frog or a toad as a pet. Because it allows them to know what to expect. I believe this post is also necessary for those who are interested in knowing about the size of frog poop for general knowledge.