5 Best Warner Brothers Looney Tunes of 2021

Guide to Warner Brothers Looney Tunes

The “Golden Age” of animation – the great cartoons created by Looney Tunes director Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett and Tex Avery (among others) for Warner Brothers in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s – has inspired generations of animators. The list includes some of the best cartoonists who ever lived, both professional artists like Maurice Noble.

‘Chuck Jones’ comment that he was merely an entertainer hit dead center with this cartoon fan. I’d wear out sixteen-millimeter prints watching Road Runner & Coyote cartoons until they unspooled beyond recognition. But I think all animation fans were doing something similar; it’s an impulse that never goes away.

There is a reason why those Looney Tunes hold up as well as they do, after sixty years. Animator Michael Maltese once defined a good cartoon character in two words: “Fast and funny”. That’s the secret of animation, especially when it’s based on a pre-existing comic strip or comic book figure. As long as they keep moving fast and making us laugh, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and all their friends live forever.’

History of Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers have a long history of producing animated shorts that have gone on to gain massive popularity and success, starting with “Looney Tunes”, the studio’s first series of cartoons. Since its debut, the series has received widespread critical and commercial success – as well as a lot of controversies.

Looney Tunes was originally created in 1930 by Leon Schlesinger Productions (which also produced other cartoon shorts such as Merrie Melodies) under the direction of Hugh Harman. The studio’s first series aimed to provide animated entertainment; it did not focus much on featuring characters that were popular with audiences and would drive success like Barney Bear or Krazy Kat had previously done for rival studios like Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Walt Disney.

The aim for this new approach to animated films was originality; each short’s story began with a note at the bottom which read: ‘This is an original one-reeler. Between 1930 and 1933, the series consisted of 48 animated shorts. In 1934, the Schlesinger Studio had retained Harman-Ising as its exclusive production team.

Best Warner Brothers Looney Tunes – FAQ

Does Warner Brothers own Looney Tunes?

Looney Tunes is an American animated comedy short film series produced by Warner Bros. from 1930 to 1969, along with an accompanying series, Merrie Melodies, during the golden age of American animation.

What happened to Warner Brothers cartoons?

The Warner Bros.
Cartoons studio briefly re-opened in 1967 before shutting its doors for good two years later, in 1969.
Warner Bros.

Trade name Warner Bros.
Classic Animation
Defunct October 1969
Fate Closed
Successors DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (1964–1981) Warner Bros.

What was the very first Warner Brothers cartoon?

Schlesinger put them in charge of creating cartoon shorts for the Warner Bros. ‘ feature releases. Harman and Ising created the character Bosko, who starred in the studio’s first animated theatrical short: 1930’s Sinkin’ in the Bathtub.

How many Looney Tunes cartoons exist?

Altogether, 1,002 animated theatrical shorts alone were released under the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies banners from the 1930s through the 1960s (1000 official and 2 cut-downs). From the beginning to the present day, 1,041 shorts have been created.

Is Tweety Bird a girl or boy?

Tweety is a yellow canary in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons. The name “Tweety” is a play on words, as it originally meant “sweetie”, along with “tweet” being an English onomatopoeia for the sounds of birds.

Species Yellow canary
Gender Male
Nationality American
7 more rows

Who currently owns Looney Tunes?

Warner Bros.

and since then, Warner Bros.
has owned all rights to all post-1933 characters created by Leon Schlesinger Productions and Warner Bros.

Which Looney Tunes character is the oldest?

Porky Pig
It’s Porky Pig, not Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Tweety Bird, who is actually the oldest Looney Tunes character.

What did Yosemite Sam call Bugs Bunny?

cotton pickin’ varmint
Damon Jones on Twitter: “Remember Yosemite Sam used to call Bugs Bunny a “cotton pickin’ varmint” 2/N… ”

Who is the most popular Looney Tunes character?

Bugs Bunny
2 Bugs Bunny

How old is Bugs Bunny now?

Bugs Bunny appeared in his very first cartoon on this day 80 years ago, and the animated rabbit remains just as popular as ever. Everybody’s favorite cartoon rabbit of Looney Tunes fame, Bugs Bunny has just turned 80 years old with fans across the world celebrating the special occasion.

What’s the name of Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend?

Lola Bunny
Bugs Bunny/Significant others
Lola Bunny is a Looney Tunes cartoon character portrayed as an anthropomorphic female rabbit created by Warner Bros. Pictures. She is generally depicted as Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend. She first appeared in the 1996 film Space Jam.

Is Tom and Jerry a Looney Tune?

Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of comedy short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
It centers on a rivalry between the title characters Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse.
Tom and Jerry then became the highest-grossing animated short film series of that time, overtaking Looney Tunes.

Is Space Jam 2 Real?

The film stars basketball player LeBron James as a fictionalized version of himself, along with Don Cheadle, Khris Davis, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Cedric Joe in live-action roles, while Jeff Bergman, Eric Bauza, and Zendaya headline the Looney Tunes voice cast.

Why did they cancel the Looney Tunes show?

Tony Cervone stated that the show was cancelled to make room for a new Looney Tunes spin-off show called New Looney Tunes/Wabbit- A Looney Tunes Production, mostly because the show was not well-received with the executives at Warner Bros.

Why did they change Looney Toons to Looney Tunes?

They produced two different song-based series: “Merrie Melodies” and—you guessed it—“Looney Tunes.
” As for the “looney” part of the title, Warner Brothers wanted to indicate that “[their] cartoons were a little wackier than the sweeter characters of Disney,” according to Bergen.

Why is Tweety a boy?

Commonly confused as a girl, Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes is a boy. Because of his feminine appearance, ambiguous yellow feathers and gender-neutral name, many people have asked this question. the original “Tweety” was named “Orson,” so there was no confusion.

Is it MEEP MEEP or beep beep?

Although commonly quoted as “meep meep”, Warner Bros., the current owner of all trademarks relating to the duo, lists “beep, beep” as the Road Runner’s sound, along with “meep, meep.”

Is Roadrunner a girl?

Road Runner
Species Roadrunner
Gender Male
Pets None
Rivals Wile E. Coyote
5 more rows

How did Elmer Fudd die?

In Loonatics Unleashed, his descendant, Electro J. Fudd, tried to prove himself the universe’s greatest hunter by capturing Ace Bunny but settled for Danger Duck instead. Elmer himself also makes an appearance in the form of a photo that shows he presumably died at the hands of a giant squirrel.

Did they make Looney Tunes for adults?

‘ Looney Tunes.
“The Warner cartoons were aimed strictly for adults–they were never meant for children,” McKimson said.
Warner cartoons and other animated short subjects (Disney characters, Popeye, Tom and Jerry, and so on) were screened for audiences of all ages at movie houses before the feature presentation.