5 Best Virbac Dental Chews For Dogs of 2021

Guide to Virbac Dental Chews For Dogs

Virbac dental chews for dogs is a product designed specifically for dogs, which makes them perfect as regular treats or rewards. Veterinarians have tested Virbac dental chews for dogs and find them to be effective in reducing the tartar buildup and gingivitis between professional cleanings.

What are Virbac dental chews for dogs?

Virbac Dental Chews For Dogs are essentially dog treats made mostly from human-grade ingredients. But more importantly, they contain Chlorhexidine Gluconate, a potent antiseptic, and antiseptic that specifically targets the bacteria that cause periodontal disease (which can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke).

In addition to its proven ability to inhibit plaque and tartar buildup on teeth, Chlorhexidine Gluconate is a powerful anti-oxidant, helping produce healthier gums by suppressing inflammatory damage caused by free radicals generated during the oral microbial metabolism of sugars. Virbac’s patented formula also includes Glucosamine HCl which helps promote joint health in dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which help support healthy skin and coat.

How do Virbac dental chews for dogs work?

The dog chews are specially designed to help eliminate the germs that cause bad breath while minimizing any ingestion of carbohydrates, which can lead to plaque on the dog’s teeth. It is not intended for dogs with an intolerance to wheat gluten or any allergies. They are also designed so that the active ingredients are released slowly over time, working continuously for up to 24 hours each day to provide long-lasting plaque control.

Virbac Chews should be given to your dog daily as a reward after being fed. Once the bag is open, you will need to reseal it in order to preserve freshness. For best results, tell your vet if your dog has other health issues or is on medication before giving him Virbac Dental Chews For Dogs.

Best Virbac Dental Chews For Dogs – FAQ

Are Virbac dental chews good?


Are Virbac Chews digestible?

These chews are not made with rawhide. They contain beef hide, which is rawhide made from cows, that is more digestible.

How do CET Chews work?

The glucose oxidase within the CET chews converts glucose in the dog’s mouth to hydrogen peroxide. When your dog is chewing, the dental chew rubs against their teeth, mechanically removing the tartar that has built up from the teeth.

What is CET chews made of?

Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs. Made from select beef hide, these chews control plaque and are basted with a great poultry flavor that dogs love.

What dental chews do vets recommend?

#1: Chews approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council
Purina Pro Plan Dental Chewz.



Milk-Bone Brushing Chews.

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews.

Purina DentaLife Chews.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Chews.

Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews.

Are Greenies good for dogs?

If your dog gobbles its treats or bites with such force that it can break a Greenie in half, be careful about any chew treats. If it gnaws on a treat for a long time, Greenies are probably as safe as any other.

What is the best thing for a dog to chew?

Top 23 Best Dog Chews: Natural, Long-Lasting, and More
Bully Sticks.
Probably one of the most well-known dog chews, bully sticks are perfect for dogs of any age, size, or breed.

Beef Tendons.


Lamb Horns.

Raw Bones.

Beef Ribs.

Elk Antlers.

Beef Hooves.

What is the safest dog chew?

Type of Chew Toys
Dried Sweet Potatoes.
Jerky Treats.
Cow Hooves.
Fish Skin.
Bully Horns.
Corn Starch. Cornstarch chews were all the rage not too many years ago.
Rope Bones and Fleece Bones. Most dogs love rope and/or fleece bones, and you’ll be happy to know that they’re generally safe.

Where are Virbac chews made?

He said the chews are manufactured by Virbac in Vietnam, and that the ingredients also originate from Vietnam.
Dr. Gerard Lim of Virbac Australia told a reporter by e-mail that the company has sold about 7,000 bags of VeggieDents since the chews were introduced in his country in March.

Can dogs swallow CET chews?

One thing to note is that you should keep an eye on your dog while he’s chewing it, and be sure to take it away before the size of it is small enough for your dog to swallow or choke on.

Is Rawhide bad for dogs?

Rawhide is bad for dogs for a number of reasons. Topping the list of risks associated with rawhide are: contamination, digestive distress, choking hazard, and intestinal blockage. These concerns are so big, that the Humane Society and ASPCA both discourage the consumption of rawhide for pets.

Do greenies actually work?

When given once a day, GREENIES™ Dental Chews are clinically proven to effectively reduce tartar buildup on average by 60 percent, and to reduce plaque buildup to keep gums healthy.

Is Beefhide the same as Rawhide?

All beef hide products are rawhide, but not all rawhide products are beef hide. The only difference between rawhide and beef hide is that rawhide can be made from any animal hide or even a mixture of more than one type of hiding. Beefhide, on the other hand, is specifically made from bovine hides.

Can puppies have Cet enzymatic chews?

Combines natural antiseptic activity with abrasive action to loosen tartar and provide clinically proven plaque control.
These Virbac dental dog chews are specially crafted for x-small pups.

Do CET chews dissolve?

With any product, first, use them under supervision to make sure the dog is not trying to swallow large pieces. Edible chews will dissolve in the stomach, but a chunk lodged in the throat or esophagus is an emergency.

Do vets recommend Dentastix?

Does Dentastix clean your dog’s teeth?

Are Costco dental chews good for dogs?

They don’t smell nearly as good as the regular greenies either, but they do look very similar. These may be good for other dogs, but not for mine, unfortunately.

Do greenies dissolve in a dog’s stomach?

GREENIES™ Dental Chews contain highly soluble ingredients that break down in any pH. An in vitro disappearance method can be used as a model of digestibility. A recent in vitro disappearance test showed that samples of GREENIES™ Dental Chews do indeed “digest” similar to how they would inside a dog’s digestive tract.

Can Greenies make my dog sick?

Brendan McKiernan, a veterinarian at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital. He has seen many dogs, made sick after eating Greenies. He says some dogs just can’t digest them. When you take warm water and soak a more traditional dog biscuit (one made by the same company that makes Greenies).