Snake FAQ

How Do Snakes Pee?

How Do Snakes Pee?

Snakes are one of the most aggressive creatures of Serpentes suborder found on earth. Snakes are very unpredictable and very few people understand their habit and nature as a whole. Snakes slither their way through various regions like terrestrial, plains, desert and aquatic too. Snakes have various undetermined habits that are different from many reptiles. …

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do snakes eat plants

Do Snakes Eat Plants?

Snakes have always been regarded as carnivores and not herbivorous. They in fact feed exclusively on small animals and have no other diet besides swallowing eggs, birds, squirrels, boars, chicken and of course their favorite food rodents. Constrictor snakes like boa or python and even anaconda have no toxic venom and they kill their prey …

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