Do Corn Snakes Sleep?

A: Technically, reptiles go through a brumation cycle since they continue to drink water and they do not undergo a true sleep. Corn snakes in brumation are still active and may be found roaming their cages. Are corn snakes nocturnal? Well, some do. Corn snakes are nocturnal, meaning that they’re active during dusk and night …

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Do Corn Snakes Smell?

They don’t smell at all, especially if you keep them in a glass terrarium. Snakes eat their prey whole, so there is never anything left behind. Their poop can have a bit of an odor, but compared to mammals, it’s nothing. Do corn snakes hibernate? Like most snakes, this species is solitary. Corn snakes hibernate …

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Do Corn Snakes Stink?

Typically snakes do not smell bad. Snakes are near odorless and often require someone to be right next to them to smell anything. As long as their refuse is cleaned frequently then your pet snake shouldn’t release any unpleasant odors. Can corn snakes smell worse than other snakes? People report that it smells worse than, …

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