Are Axolotls Saltwater?

Axolotls require brackish water — a mix between fresh and salt water. This is one of the main reasons that Axolotls are not recommended for first-time aquatic pet owners. It is recommended that owners be very familiar and comfortable with basic freshwater aquariums before starting with Axolotls. What do Axolotls like in their tank? These …

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Are Axolotls Smart?

Axolotls can recognize organisms and shapes from a distance, including people coming to feed them. One study suggests that salamanders can count to at least three. Can you pet an axolotl? While axolotls are relatively hardy to slight fluctuations in their environment, they also have delicate, soft bodies with permeable skin. In fact, most of …

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Are Axolotls Active?

Axolotls are pretty inactive by nature, they’re lazy. Zion is only 4 months old so he’s still quite the active lil thing but they calm down when they get older. Do Axolotls get lonely? Axolotls are solitary animals. That means that they live alone. If you put them together they often don’t attack each other …

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