5 Best Petmate Fountains of 2021

Guide to Petmate Fountains.


Petmate fountains are some of the most efficient pet fountains available. They are made by the company “Petmate” (hence, “petmate fountain”). All petmate fountains come with a replaceable carbon water filter which filters the water of impurities and adds freshness. Only drinkable, clean water is dispensed out of the petmate fountains; this reduces bacterial growth within the fountain (reducing bacteria growth means pets drink healthier, cleaner water). While there are many different styles of pet-fountain available, all of them use basic mechanics to rotate a small amount of water from an inside reservoir into an outside dish for consumption. The small amount of rotating motion the pump makes is enough to keep the water moving and fresh, so there is no stale water left in the dish when a pet drinks. There are several different designs available for petmate fountains.

The small size of petmate fountains make them very portable, easy to clean, and suitable for any sized indoor cat or small-to-medium sized dog. Some pets can be clumsy drinkers; using a petmate fountain will increase how much your pet ingests by making sure that all the water they drink is clean and fresh. Petmate fountains are recommended by many veterinarians because of these reasons. Most models come with replaceable carbon filters which reduce bad tastes and metal contaminants out of tap water. The filtration system helps to remove bad tastes and impurities, making the water taste fresher.

The petmate fountain is a very safe design for pets; cats and dogs do not have to lean over to drink from the dishes. Cats in particular will be attracted to drinking from moving water, as many prefer it to still water (hence why cat fountains are becoming more popular). Pregnant animals should always have an increased intake of liquids. If you usually let your pet drink out of a standing dish, you could potentially reduce their daily intake by doing so because they will not be as interested in the freshness of the food or water due to a static dish.

Best Petmate Fountains – FAQ

Are pet water fountains worth it?

There is no evidence to indicate that dogs are any more likely to drink out of a fountain than they are a bowl. Fountains can still save a dog owner time and effort refilling or cleaning a bowl regularly, especially if the dog in question regularly dirties water bowls with slobber or dirt.

How often should I clean my cat’s water fountain?

If you use a fountain to keep your pet hydrated, make sure to clean it at least once a week and regularly replace the fountain filters. Make sure to keep your furry family member happy and healthy by providing him with daily fresh water and a clean water bowl.

How do I keep my indoor fountain clean?

Add Vinegar To Your Fountain

Do pet water fountains attract bugs?

Most high-quality pet fountains come with one-year warranties or longer on the pumps.
When you change the filters, you should also clean the interior and exterior of your fountain, as food particles from your pet’s mouth may cause buildup.
Left uncleaned, this could attract bugs or algae (ewww!).

Do water fountains encourage cats to drink?

Fountains encourage your cat to drink more because cats are naturally attracted to running water. They entice your cat to increase their water intake, which helps protect them from urinary or kidney diseases.

Should cats drink from a fountain?

Did you know that cats don’t have the instinct to drink much

Should water fountain run all the time?

Do I have to turn my water fountain off at night or when I am away

How often should you change water in catit fountain?

every 2-4 weeks
You need to change it every 2-4 weeks depending on how many animals are drinking from it.
Also make sure you clean the pump and change the water weekly.

Can a cat water fountain make them sick?

The principal argument against a plastic cat fountain is that the material can be easily scratched. These nicks on the fountain are good breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. They can multiply and contaminate the water in the fountain. When the cat drinks contaminated water, they can get sick.

Can I put bleach in my water fountain?

Algae can damage the fountain surface and can clog the pump causing it to overheat and burn out. Never use chlorine or bleach as an algaecide or cleaner. Chlorine can damage your pump and fountain surfaces.

How much vinegar do I put in my water fountain?

All you need is to mix one-half cup of white vinegar to one gallon of warm water.
Once you have done that, use a nylon scrubber to scrub down the entire fountain.
If you do have stubborn stains or hard water buildup, the vinegar will be a big help.

Can I put vinegar in my outdoor fountain?

You can use white vinegar and a bristled cleaning brush to scrub away tougher algae. The vinegar won’t damage the fountain and can remove stains and discoloration easily. Then using pipe cleaners to clear algae buildup out of the hole the water comes from.

What can I put in my dogs water to keep mosquitoes away?

Consider using a pet fountain for outdoor pet water. A fountain moves the water constantly so mosquitoes will not lay larvae in it. Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar per gallon of water to the fountain’s reservoir to deter mosquitoes from laying eggs in it.

What should I look for in a pet water fountain?

Look for a model made from ceramic or stainless steel.

Do roaches eat dry cat food?

Do cockroaches eat cat food

Do cat fountains use a lot of electricity?

Cat water fountains don’t use much electricity, generally speaking.

Where should I put my cats water bowl?

Your cat may refuse to drink the water, knock the water dish over, or drop food into its water bowl.
Your cat’s water bowl should be placed 3-5 feet away from its food bowl.
Many cats cannot stand the scent of food near their water.
In the wild, mixing food and water often results in bacterial growth and illness.

Why are water fountains better for cats?

Proper hydration can improve digestion, increase nutrient absorption, and even aid in flushing out toxins and bacteria that can build up in their urinary and digestive tract. If your kitty has ever experienced a urinary tract infection before, getting them a fountain can help to prevent future infection.

Can you leave a cat fountain running?

Yes, you can leave a cat fountain running. However, you must clean the fountain and refresh the water regularly even if you have a fountain that runs continually. Yes. The pump is small and does not overheat or pull much electricity.

What is the best water dish for a cat?

Best Overall: Petmate Pearl Replendish Gravity Pet Waterer with Microban.
Best Budget: Ethical Pet Stoneware Crock Cat Dish.
Best Fountain Bowl: Veken Automatic Pet Fountain.
Best Wide: PetRageous Designs Metro Oval Pet Dish.
Best Cooling: K&H PET PRODUCTS Coolin’ Bowl for Dogs and Cats.