Is My Chinchilla Sick?

Signs of illness/injury include sore feet, wetness around the eyes/mouth and fur loss. Consult a vet immediately if you suspect they’re in pain, ill or injured. Chinchillas that are frightened or in pain may change their behaviour or develop unwanted habits e.g. aggression or hiding.

How do I know if my chinchilla is healthy?

What are the signs of good health? A healthy chinchilla will have bright eyes, clean ears, eyes and nose and be interested in what is going on around it. If your chinchilla’s weight remains constant then they are eating the right amount of food.

Is my chinchilla healthy?

“Decreased appetite, lethargy, drooling, palpable swelling on the bottom jaw, weight loss and small stool are red flags,” adds Robinson. “If any of these signs are noted, be sure to bring your chinchilla to a veterinarian right away. Make sure your veterinarian is comfortable seeing chinchillas.”

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Can chinchillas get colds?

Diagnosis of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Chinchillas. Once you realize your chinchilla has a cold or URI, don’t attempt to treat his condition at home. He must have veterinary care to prevent his illness from progressing into pneumonia.

How long can a chinchilla be alone?

In a nutshell, if you utilize a chinchilla pet-sitter, you can leave for as long as you feel comfortable and if your chinchilla will be completely alone, I would never go past 24-72 hours maximum with leaving your chinchilla alone.

What causes a chinchilla to die?

Sudden death in chinchillas is caused by heart attacks, strokes, sudden physical trauma, or environmental issues like excess heat, cold or moisture. To figure out how a chinchilla died, ask a vet to perform a ‘necropsy’ (like an autopsy). Chinchillas cannot die of fright or a broken heart.

Do chinchillas have health problems?

What are some of the common diseases and health conditions of pet chinchillas? Common conditions of pet chinchillas include bite wounds, respiratory diseases, overgrown and impacted teeth, gastrointestinal stasis, bloat, diarrhea, skin problems, and heat stroke.

How long do Chinchilla live as pets?

10-20 years

How many teeth does a chinchilla have?

Guinea pigs and chinchillas have 20 teeth total: 4 incisors (2 upper and 2 lower), no canines, 4 premolars (2 upper and 2 lower), and 12 molars (6 upper and 6 lower). All of these animals have open-rooted teeth, meaning that their teeth will grow continuously throughout life.

Do chinchillas cough?

Chinchillas can be quite vocal at times. The noises they make range from cute squeaks and chirps to loud coughs and barks. Since chinchillas are active in the wild mostly at dawn and dusk, this is usually when they make the most vocalizations.

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How much does a chinchilla cost?

Under no circumstances should you buy a chinchilla from a pet store. So, all of that being said, chinchillas cost anywhere from $150-$350. Alright, so you have gotten in touch with a rescue organization or breeder and will be bringing your new family member home soon.

What color should Chinchilla teeth be?

The teeth are covered by a hard layer of enamel made up of calcium, iron, phosphorous and other trace minerals. The normal tooth colour is dark yellow/orange – pale teeth are a sign of calcium deficiency.

How do I know if my chinchilla is in pain?

Because chinchillas sleep during the day you may not easily notice if they’re unwell. Changes in normal behaviour can be early signs they’re ill or in pain. If chinchillas aren’t eating/are quieter than usual they’re highly likely to be ill/in pain.

What’s the average lifespan of a chinchilla?

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Can a chinchilla die from loneliness?

No, a chinchilla will not die from loneliness specifically. A chinchilla’s behavior and eating may be altered by loneliness or losing a bonded companion. … When a chinchilla begins feeling lonely after losing a companion or a cage-mate, they will not die.

What are chinchillas afraid of?

Chinchillas scare easily, and loud noises, sudden movements, strangers, being touched unexpectedly or being handled roughly, other pets, being chased, and fighting between cage mates can all make your chinchilla scared. … Avoid handling your pet too frequently or making loud noises when you’re at home.

Can chinchillas throw up?

Although chinchillas cannot vomit, due to the way their stomachs are constructed, your chinchilla can choke, especially if she tries to swallow a bite of food that’s too large for her throat and esophagus.

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How do I know if my chinchilla has a broken leg?

Diagnosing a Broken Chinchilla Leg Your vet may be able to tell if the leg is broken without X-rays but an X-ray is the best way to see what and where the bone is exactly broken. This will help your veterinarian create the best treatment plan for the leg to heal properly.

How do I keep my chinchilla teeth healthy?

The best way to try to prevent overgrown teeth in chinchillas is to feed them as much hay as possible. Hay is coarse fiber that not only promotes prolonged chewing but also encourages a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract by helping establish a normal population of GI bacteria that digests the food they eat.

How do you tell if a chinchilla is stressed?

Signs chinchillas may be suffering from stress/fear can include vocalising (barking/whistling), hiding, chewing their own or other chinchillas fur, altered feeding or toileting habits, over-drinking or playing with water bottles, reluctance to move, repetitive movements e.g. racing back and forth on the cage bottom.

How do I know if my chinchilla is dying?