How to Keep Axolotl Tank Cool?

Axolotls are one of the coolest creatures on the planet and they are often confused with fish however they are not.

Axolotls are actually amphibians that spend all their lifetime in water. Unlike other amphibians like frogs which spend part of their time in water and the other part on land.

In other parts of the world, axolotls are referred to as Mexican fish.

Their origin is from a freshwater lake in Mexico. Contrary to the extreme heat weather conditions of Mexico, axolotls prefer very cold conditions.

Care for Axolotl

Axolotl Care

As mentioned earlier axolotls barely come out of the water. They can be kept as pets just like fish.

However, you will need to provide proper conditions for them to survive.

In case you are using a tank then you need to understand that there are certain tank requirements than you need to adhere to.

First, you need to use the right tank measurements. Axolotls grow to a length of about a foot tall however some can exceed.

400;”>Axolotls do not float on the surface of the water but rather spend most of their time at the base of the tank.

This implies that you will need to provide a tank with a wider base so that the axolotls can have enough space to move around.

You will also need to provide hiding places so that where the axolotls can hide.

Ideal tank temperatures 

Before you even start to think of out to cool an axolotl tank it is highly recommended to understand the ideal temperatures for their survival.

The water, as well as the air above your axolotl tank, should be around 18 degrees Celsius or 64 degrees Fahrenheit, while the least temperature should never be below 16 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keeping the tank of the axolotl cool is very important for its survival.

However, making the tank very cold will have adverse effects such as behavioral changes, decreased metabolic rate, and sluggishness.

Nonetheless, it is better to have a cold tank than a hot tank. Temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius are not recommended as they will affect their survival.

Not only will they bee too hot but it will also be problematic as it will pose health risks which can be fatal.

How to keep the tank cool?


In case you live in an area that receives constant warm climate and you want to keep an axolotl then you will need to devise ways to keep the axolotl tank cool. This is extremely important for the survival of the axolotl.

There are different ways you can keep the tank of the axolotl cool, the most important thing is to have an efficient and reliable way of doing so. 


A thermometer is an instrument that is used to keep the temperatures cool. You should definitely get one for your axolotl aquarium.

The best thermometer is the one that is able to measure the air temperature as well as the temperature of the water simultaneously.

Without having a good thermometer, you will not know the exact temperature of the water in the tank and the kind of adjustments that you need to make.


you need to have a proper location for your axolotl, somewhere that is not only cool but also safe.

The basement of your house might be the coolest place to keep your axolotl however it may not be the most ideal place since it is visually impossible.

Nonetheless, it is might be much cooler than other placers higher up the room.

In case you live in an area that experiences a warm climate throughout the year then you might need to consider keeping the tank on a higher floor.

The tank should also be kept in an area of the room that does not receive too much sunlight.

The best place is away from the windows or the door.


Electronics generate heat and warm the surrounding environment. This may sound odd but electronics such as computers, televisions tend to produce a lot of heat.

In order to keep your axolotl tank cool, make sure that you keep it away from electronics.

Keep the electronics away from axolotl tanks. Another thing you need to take into consideration is a cooling fan.

A cooling fan that is able to blow a decent amount of wind is a great idea but it should not be too much wind.

You will also need the fan to hit as much of the water surface as possible as it will help to dissipate heat from the tank and the air. There is no specific king of air conditioning that is recommended for axolotl tank.

Any kind of fan will do a great job however, you should avoid fans that have a built-in cooling system as it may end up making the water very cold.

If it has a very accurate temperature regulator then it is the best.

Ice cubes and frozen water bottle

Ice Cubes in Axolotl

There are people who use ice cubes and frozen water bottles to keep the water in the tank cold. Just use a couple of ice cubes as it will help to keep the water in the bottle cold.

If you are using a frozen water bottle keep the bottle out of the water, preferably somewhere on the corner, do not put the whole frozen water bottle in the tank.

When doing the ice method then make sure that you have the ice cubes ready in plenty. Once the first ice cube has melted then insert the other so as to keep the temperature constant.

If you are using an ice bottle then make sure that you have another ice bottle waiting in line.

This helps to keep the temperature constant as fluctuating temperatures are not good for the axolotl.


There are minimal lighting requirements for all axolotl. Make sure that you use bulbs that generate less heat.

The more lights you have in the house the stronger the heat generated. Keep the lighting to a minimum so as to reduce the amount of heat generated.

This will help to reduce the workload of keeping the tank cold. In addition, any other electronic part that is added to the tank such as filtration unit should produce less heat.

Aquarium chiller 

An aquarium chiller refers to a small refrigerator which is usually installed in a tank in line with a filtration system in order to cool or chill the water as it passes through the system.

If the chiller is combined with a thermostat then it will prevent water in the tank from rising above the recommended temperatures.

In an aquarium, water is pumped through the chiller and then enters the heat exchanger. Inside the heat exchanger, water flows around a series of metal coils that fill the refrigerant.

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What you did not know about axolotl?

Albino Axolotl

Axolotl is not common pets but they are very unique pets that you will find in most modern homes. Just like fish they can be kept in an aquarium and provide a perfect display of colors.

They are salamanders belonging to the same category as frogs, however, they do not metamorphosis into an adult and remain aquatic for the rest of their life.

They can be found in a range of colors from black, grey, golden, albino among many other colors.

It is very easy to care for axolotl since they reside only in water which means that you need to provide an adequate tank with enough space and kept at the right temperature. 

As mentioned above there are different techniques that can be used to keep the tank and the air above cool and at the recommended temperatures.

Nonetheless, always make sure that you use a thermometer so as to monitor the temperature accurately at all times.

Another important factor when keeping the water in the tank cool is to avoid regular fluctuation in temperature is it will not only be unhealthy for the axolotl but also affect their breeding.

Axolotls are considered to be hardy animals and are tame in nature. They cannot interact socially with the owner hence are used as display pets in houses and offices.

They are very delicate animals, soft-bodied and with a permeable skin.

Due to the sensitivity of their soft-bodied, it is never recommended to handle them unless it is absolutely necessary. They are not social animals and spend most of their time hiding.

This is why it is never necessary to provide them with a companion.

Lastly, axolotls’ range in sizes and can grow to a very large size about a foot in length.

It is absolutely crucial to provide them with at least 15-20 gallons of the tank. The tank doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with water, just a sustainable amount.

The temperatures inside the tank and above should be maintained constantly around 57- and 68-degrees Fahrenheit.

Special lighting is not required however if necessary, use LED lighting.

You should provide a place where they can hide from the lighting whenever they need and use an appropriate material that doesn’t have sharp ages.

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