How To Be Contributing Columnist Elephant Journal?

How To Be Contributing Columnist Elephant Journal?

Who is the editor of Elephant Journal? Waylon Lewis – Founder, Editor-in-Chief – elephant journal | LinkedIn.

Who started Elephant Journal? Lewis was only in if he could be an equal partner of a publication that focused on all aspects of eco-friendly living. Robinson agreed to give Lewis a 50-50 stake in Yoga in the Rockies. He would act as its publisher, its editor in chief, and all-around editorial hustler.

How much is the elephant journal app? SUBSCRIBE: You can read two articles free, every day—if you want to read unlimited articles, and see fewer ads, you can subscribe for $3/month (billed annually at $36/year).

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Who is Waylon H Lewis?

Waylon Lewis, a second generation American Buddhist or “Dharma Brat,” is the founder of elephant journal and “elevision,” an online video talk show that’s raked in 200,000 views in its first year.

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