How To Avoid Elephant Chase In Assassins Creed Origins?

How To Avoid Elephant Chase In Assassins Creed Origins? When it stomps it’s feet, you need to dodge to the back feet, and vice versa if it lifts the back ones. Overall, the elephant won’t be too hard to hit, since it has no real form of defence. You just need to make sure not to get crushed, so be quick on the dodging!

How do you kill the elephants chasing you in Assassin’s Creed origins? The mission itself is pretty simple. Shoot the soldiers chasing you on horses, until the war elephant comes crashing in. Caesar can handle the driving. Pelt the elephant with arrows and spears until you reach the end of the mission and the cutscene starts playing.

How do you dodge elephant in Assassin’s Creed origins? Master The Dodge

As it pulls it’s head one side and thrusts the other. The initial movement will not damage you so wait for the actual attack thrust to dodge. Dodge towards the elephant where possible to get in a few attacks from the rear.

What level should I be to fight elephants in AC origins? The War Elephants are level 40, so you must be at least level 36 in order to damage them. TIP: Check out our guide for how to kill War Elephants. It’s also probably a good idea to bring some powerful Legendary weapons and even a Legendary Outfit.

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How do you deflect attacks in Assassin’s Creed origins?

To block, all you have to do is press and hold the L1 button (or LB if you’re on Xbox One), and Bayek will raise his shield to defend himself from incoming attacks. However, do be aware that you can’t block indefinitely as enemies will eventually wise up to your tactics and start trying to break your guard.

How do you beat Qetesh and resheph?

Focus on Resh first (you’ll almost have to, with his aggressive maneuvers). Keep up a hail of arrows, stopping only to shield when Qet switches from bombs to bows. Remember that, even if you run dry and can’t get to the loot bags, you can switch out bows any time that you’re not actually attacking or being damaged.

What do you get for killing war elephants?

Objective: Kill the Elephants. Reward: 1 Ap Per War Elephant, Piece of Legendary Gear (Two Of The War Elephants)

How many elephant camps are there in Assassin’s Creed origins?

War Elephants are located at four camps scattered across the Egypt in AC Creed Origins. Make your way to each of the camps and you will have the attention of the War Elephant. These beasts are of level 40 so in order to do some damage, you would have to be at least at level 36.

How do you beat blade of the goddess?

Aim for the weak points, which are highlighted in red while you aim at them. Once those weak points have been hit, just keep shooting arrows at them until they die. After sinking those 2, continue sailing. You’ll soon get ambushed by four more enemy ships.