How The Elephant Got Its Trunk For Kids?

How The Elephant Got Its Trunk For Kids?

How the elephant got its trunk kids book? Long ago, when elephants had only bumps for noses, a curious young elephant is determined to find out what crocodiles eat for dinner. When the youngster sticks her nose out too far, a hungry crocodile seizes it and stretches it into the long trunk that elephants have today.

How is the elephant trunk answer? The trunk of an elephant is a muscular, flexible extension this mammal’s upper lip and nose. African savanna elephants and African forest elephants have trunks with two finger-like growths at their tip; the trunks of Asian elephants have only one such fingerlike growth.

Why do elephants have trunks? An elephant’s trunk is actually a long nose used for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and also for grabbing things—especially a potential meal. The trunk alone contains about 40,000 muscles. African elephants have two fingerlike features on the end of their trunk that they can use to grab small items.

How The Elephant Got Its Trunk For Kids – Related Questions

How the elephant got his nose story?

Legend has it that the elephant never used to have a trunk. Instead he had a blackish, bulgy nose, as big as a boot, that he could wriggle about from side to side. He couldn’t pick up anything with his useless nose. And so the elephant’s child continued to worry all the animals with countless questions.

How did the elephant occupy the man’s hut?

How did the elephant cheat the man and occupy his hut? Answer: The elephant went to the man’s hut and requested him to let him put its trunk inside the hut so as to shelter it from the torrential rain. The man took pity on the elephant and told the elephant to gently put only its trunk inside the hut.

How did the elephant occupy the man’s hut in the gentlemen of the jungle?

The elephant asked the man if the man would let the elephant put his trunk inside the hut of the man in order to protect the trunk from the torrential rain. After putting the trunk inside the hut, the elephant slowly pushed his head inside and finally threw the man out of the hut, in the rain.

How does an elephant use its trunk class 3rd?

The trunk of an elephant is a muscular, flexible extension this mammal’s upper lip and nose. All species of elephants use their trunks to strip vegetation from branches and to pull grass from the ground, at which point they shovel the vegetable matter into their mouths.

In what three ways does an elephant use its trunk?

Elephants use their trunks in a variety of ways. They use it to drink, store and spray water, and they also blow air through it to communicate — their 110-decibel bellows can be heard for miles.

How is the trunk useful to the elephant Class 7?

Trunk help an elephant to drink water, break branches and hard leaves etc.It also help him to take bath in either a pond ,or a lake.

What is an elephants trunk called?

An elephant trunk or elephant’s trunk is the proboscis/nose of an elephant. An elephant’s trunk contains more than 40,000 muscles and can be about 6-8 feet long.

Do elephants have 2 trunks?

Yes, you’ve always been told they have one trunk, and yes, every elephant you’ve ever seen is conclusive proof of this. But this photo suggests the proud animal could be mutating. It appears to show an elephant with two trunks, one raised in the air and the other hanging towards the ground.

How did the elephant justify?

During the enquiry, elephant justify its action by saying that in fact the man himself had invited it to protect his hut from being blown away from hurricane, as the hurricane had gained access owing to the unoccupied space in the hut. In this way elephant justified it’s action.

What Favour did the elephant ask the man?

The elephant asked man only one favor and it was to keep its trunk inside his hut so that it won’t have to suffer the heavy rain. This question is from the lesson the man and the elephant where a man raises an elephant and proves it accommodation before his home.

Who can afford to remain in the rain?

According to the elephant, the man can afford to remain in the rain because. a the skin of the man is harder than his. h the skin of the elephant is delicate. c the skin of the elephant is harder than that of the man.

How did the elephant cheat?

The elephant cheated the man by asking him to let him thrust his trunk in the man’s hut to protect it from the raging storm and eventually occupied his hut in the lesson The Gentleman of the Jungle.

Where did the man have a little hut?

Where did the man have his little hut in ‘The Gentlemen of the Jungle? ans.. The man had built his hut at the edge of the forest. Explanation: The man, feeling pity on the elephant allows the elephant to put its trunk inside his hut to protect it from the rain.

How is the imperial attitude of the Jungle Lords brought out in the lesson the gentlemen of the jungle?

The animals, the colonizers had arrogant attitude. They were of the view that man couldn’t understand their fundamental laws, so it was their duty to reform backward classes. Over all, the story tells us about the selfish deeds of the animals who think themselves the ‘Jungle Lords.

What two things can an elephant do with his trunk?

Answer : The two things that the elephant can do with his trunk are : (i) He can pluck the grass from the ground and leaves from the tall trees and eat them. (ii) He can scoop up mud and water with his trunk.

How does an elephant trunk help it to have its food?

One of the main functions of the elephant’s trunk is for feeding and drinking. The long trunk alleviates this by allowing the elephant to graze the ground or trees for food without so much as moving their head at all. They can also suck up and squirt almost 14 litres of water into their mouths.

How do elephants help the environment?

As the largest of all land mammals, African elephants play an important role in balancing natural ecosystems. They trample forests and dense grasslands, making room for smaller species to co-exist. Elephants also create water holes used by other wildlife as they dig dry riverbeds when rainfall is low.

How useful the trunk is?

1) It contains two nostrils which help them to breathe. 2) It is also used for smelling, grasping and producing sound. 3) It also helps in feeding and drinking water. It can cross rivers totally submerged by holding trunk tips over water surface.

Why is a trunk called a trunk?

The usage of the word “trunk” comes from it being the word for a large travelling chest, as such trunks were often attached to the back of the vehicle before the development of integrated storage compartments in the 1930s; while the usage of the word “boot” comes from the word for a built-in compartment on a horse-

Which animal has trunk?

elephants. The trunk, or proboscis, of the elephant is one of the most versatile organs to have evolved among mammals. This structure is unique to members of the order Proboscidea, which includes the extinct mastodons and mammoths.

How did the elephant succeed in winning the case?

An elephant succeeded in the test condition when they moved completely off the mat and pulled the stick and mat toward the experimenter. Success/failure was recorded live for every test trial. For both control conditions, we simply recorded whether or not subjects fully removed their weight from the mat in each trial.