How Big Do Stinkpot Turtles Get?

How Big Do Stinkpot Turtles Get? The stinkpot is a small black, grey or brown turtle with a highly domed shell. It grows to a straight carapace length of approximately 5.1–14 cm (2.0–5.5 in) and averages in weight at 318 g (0.701 lb).

Are Stinkpot turtles good pets? The Common Musk Turtle, also known as the Eastern Musk Turtle or the Stinkpot, is a popular choice as a pet because of their size and relative ease of care. They may be small, but these turtles can reach ripe old ages of 30 to 50 years old, and they can be feisty, too.

How big is a full grown musk turtle? The average size of an adult common musk turtle is around three to five inches long. Its small size makes it a good pet choice if you don’t have lots of room for a large enclosure. However, this doesn’t mean you have to keep them in a small tank.

How big of a tank does a musk turtle need? Most turtle hobbyists recommend keeping common musk turtles in at least a 20- to 29-gallon tank.
I have used a 20-gallon long tank to keep one adult musk turtle, with a Fluval 2Plus canister submersible filter to keep things clean.

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What can I feed my Stinkpot turtle?

In captivity stinkpots tend to favor carnivorous food items like aquatic turtle pellets, snails, earth worms, grasshoppers, crickets, ghost shrimp, small crayfish & commercial aquatic turtle pellets are taken.

Do musk turtle bites hurt?

Do Musk Turtles’ Bites Hurt

Do all turtles stink?

Turtles do produce unpleasant smell if they are not clean. Moreover, turtles have glands that emit a foul smell whenever they feel threatened. Among all species, Snapping turtles smell the worst. They do have a distinct smell.

Why do musk turtles stink?

Why are they called musk turtles

How long does it take musk turtles to get full size?

Juvenile turtles are between 6 months and 2 years. During this time they can reach sizes between 3 and 5 inches. This is the period when they grow the fastest. Adults are considered musk turtles that are older than 2 years, and they usually reach sizes between 5 and 7 inches.

Can musk turtles eat fruit?

Can turtles eat fruits

How often should I feed musk turtles?

6) How often do Common Musk Turtles need to be fed

Can you put fish with musk turtles?

The musk prob wont bother the fish when they are small, but they may well take a bite of the fins and so on. we keep fish in some of out tanks, but as long as you are expecting some of them to get eaten than its fine.

Are musk turtles aggressive?

Musk turtles belong to the genus Sternotherus. These turtles are generally aggressive. They are regularly captive bred and are quite common in captivity.

What type of turtles stay small?

Top 6 Species of Turtles that Stay Small
Eastern Mud Turtle.

Common Musk Turtle.

Michigan Spotted Turtle.

Diamond Back Terrapin.

Reeve’s Turtle.

Box Turtle.

Red-Eared Slider.

Wood Turtle.

Do turtles like cold water?

Yes, as the turtles do need to cool their body temperatures sometimes and no since they will get sick. Coldwater is not suitable for turtles. From most turtles that I have seen, if they stay in cold water for long, they get sick.


The worst thing is to put a turtle into a tank that is too small.
The general rule of thumb is 1 inch of the shell to 10 gallons of water.
Just measure the length of your turtle’s shell and, say it is 4 inches, you will need at least a 40-gallon tank.
a turtle is best with a water depth 2.
5 times its length.

What is the most aggressive turtle?

Alligator Snapping Turtle
The Alligator Snapping Turtle is the world’s largest freshwater turtle, and by far the most dangerous.

Do musk turtles sleep in the water?

So yes, turtles do sleep underwater. Species such as painted turtles, map turtles, sliders, mud turtles, musk turtles all sleep underwater. Additionally, North American turtles such as the musk and painted turtles can even breathe underwater. They can remain perfectly still underwater as they sleep.

Do common musk turtles bite?

Common musk turtles may occasionally attempt to bite, so care should be taken in handling them. Keep your fingers toward the rear of the carapace to minimize the likelihood of a nip, but common musk turtles have long, flexible necks, so be careful.

Do turtles like being held?

Turtles prefer to be alone, and they never welcome being picked up and handled. Because turtles aren’t affectionate, don’t like to be held, stroked or cuddled and don’t play with toys, many people lose interest and cease to take proper care of them.

Why does my turtle stare at me?

Why is my turtle looking at me