How Big Do Res Turtles Get?

How Big Do Res Turtles Get? A fully grown red eared slider can grow up to 12 inches in length. These are mostly females. Females are slightly larger than the male. A fully grown make can grow up to 9 inches.

How big will red eared turtles get? 12 inches
Full grown adults that have been raised with plenty of space available to them can reach 12 inches in length, with females usually being larger in size.
There are rare instances of adult red-eared sliders growing larger than 12 inches.

How big should a one year old red eared slider be? Age of the Red Eared Slider

? They typically reach this length at the age of 5 to 6 years.
It can take about 8 years for red-eared sliders to reach their full length, which is generally between 18 to 30 cm (7 to 12 inches).

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How big should a 2 year old red eared slider be?

A pet Red Eared Slider can be as long as 12 inches at most.

Red Eared Slider Growth Chart:
Age Size
1 year 5 inches long (approx.)
2 year 6 inches long (approx.)
3 year 7 inches long (approx.)
4 year 8 inches long (approx.)
4 more rows

Do red eared turtles bite?

Red Eared Sliders bite, and the bite can be quite painful. But it’s highly unlikely because these reptiles don’t bite “just because.” Instead, these reptiles bite if you push them too hard. Thankfully, you can prevent this behavior.

What is a good pet turtle that stays small?

Small Turtle Species #1: Mississippi Mud Turtle (4 inches)
Small Turtle Species #2: Bog Turtle (3-4 inches)
Small Turtle Species #3: Common Musk Turtle (2-4.

How deep should a red eared slider water be?


Although she did not have the facilities or funds to keep the babies, she agreed to take them on.
Since 1975, however, selling baby turtles that are less than 4 inches long has been illegal in the U.
, because some reptiles—red-eared sliders included—can harbor salmonella on their skin.


Red-eared sliders are excellent swimmers.
At night they sleep underwater, usually resting on the bottom or floating on the surface, using their inflated throat as a flotation aid.
Diet: These turtles are omnivorous – eating a variety of aquatic plants, insects, snails, fish, carrion and other small aquatic prey.

How often should I feed my red eared slider?

You should feed an adult red eared slider vegetables every other day or at least 3 times a week. Offer them a protein source once or twice a week. You can gradually reduce their protein to once a week the older they get.

Do red eared sliders stay small?

Red-eared sliders can grow up to 12 inches in length.
Males stay smaller than females but they still grow to be seven to nine inches long.

How do you know if a turtle is happy?

A healthy and happy turtle should have clear eyes with no discharge. They should also not show any signs of difficulty breathing. Swollen, cloudy, or “weepy” eyes with a discharge are all common signs your turtle is sick.

Can I take my red eared slider outside?

For example, red-eared sliders are quite hardy and adaptable.
However, some other species need warmer temperatures, so you must keep the natural habitats of your turtle in mind when deciding to house them outdoors.
In warmer climates, aquatic turtles may be able to live outdoors year-round.

Why won’t my red eared slider eat?

It’s pretty normal for baby red-eared slider turtles to stop eating if they changed their usual environment.
If you just bought your turtle, there is nothing you need to worry about.
It’s probably stressed out.
Once it gets accustomed to its new home, it will start to eat again.

How painful is a red eared slider bite?

Red-eared sliders may bite — and the bite can be quite painful.
The bite will probably only hurt but may be more damaging to young kids with small fingers.
Keep in mind that red-eared sliders won’t bite “just because.
” In most cases, a bite is a result of an animal being mishandled or hurt.


Red-eared sliders and other pond sliders typically have fairly personable dispositions and quickly associate their keepers with food.
They will pace back and forth at the front of their enclosure in anticipation whenever you walk by.
Generally speaking, red-eared sliders dislike handling and prefer to be left alone.

How bad is a red eared slider bite?

The red-eared slider may bite you and it can be very painful.
If you are an adult, it might not break your skin and the bite will only hurt.
However, the bite can be more painful and damaging to kids who have small fingers.
You need to keep in mind that, they do not “just bite”.

What is the friendliest turtle for a pet?

Red Eared Slider

Do pet turtles recognize their owners?

All pet turtles do recognize their owners. Their unsocial behavior should not bother you at all. These turtles will see you as the food provider and nothing else. You should appreciate this as they have no other way of appreciating you other than feeling comfortable around you.

Do some turtles stay small?

The best pet turtles that stay small are Spotted turtles, Eastern Mud and Striped Mud turtles, Razorback and Common Musk turtles, and the males of most common pond turtle species, as they do not grow as large as their female counterparts.