How Big Do Asian Box Turtles Get?

How Big Do Asian Box Turtles Get? Their sizes ranges anywhere from five to over ten inches in length, depending on the species or subspecies in question. The color of an Asian box turtle also varies a lot between different species. Some common colors include yellow, brown, grey, dark green, and black.

Are Asian box turtles good pets? A healthy Asian box turtle will provide great satisfaction to its keeper. Cuora amboinensis is not shy, and this turtle typically makes a very entertaining and active pet.

Do box turtles get big? Most box turtles do not get very large (unlike tortoises).
The average adult size of a box turtle is roughly 5-7 inches (13-18 cm) in diameter, with females being slightly smaller than males.
If well fed and cared for properly, this adult size is reached by 4-6 years of age.

How much space does a box turtle need? Set up a large enough enclosure. Box turtles need a lot of room to roam like in the wild. Each turtle in your terrarium needs at least three square feet (0.28 m2) of floor space for every eight inches (20 cm) of their length. This provides them enough room to roam, dig, and explore.

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What do you feed an Asian box turtle?

Asian box turtles are omnivorous, with a preference for vegetables. Dandelion greens, collard greens, mustard greens, red leaf lettuce, dill, parsley, escarole, and endive are all healthy vegetables for your turtle. These dark, leafy greens are high in calcium as well as vitamin C and vitamin A.

How much is Chinese box turtle?

chinese box turtle

How big can a Malayan box turtle get?

20 cm
Malayan box turtles are also known as the Amboina box turtle. They have a dark olive or black head with 3 yellow stripes along each side. Adults can reach up to 20 cm (8 in).

Can I keep a box turtle I found?

Finding a slow moving turtle is wonderful discovery, and one of the most commonly found turtles in the United States is a box turtle. Since box turtles are found so frequently and are so easy to catch, they are kept as pets more than any other turtle. They also are easy to care for.

Do box turtles like to be petted?

Expect to spend your time cleaning and maintaining their enclosure at least weekly, as well as feeding them every day or two. Box turtles like consistency in their surroundings, and most prefer not to be handled by people. They don’t typically bite, but anxiety from overhandling can lead some to nip a person.

What do you do if you find a box turtle in your yard?

DO NOT TAKE IT HOME. DO NOT RELOCATE the turtle. Box turtles have a homing instinct and they will try to get back to the area they came from. If you move it far from it’s home you will cause it to likely get killed trying to get back to it’s home, so leave it in the area found, do not bring it to a nicer park.

Can a box turtle live in my backyard?

Ideally, box turtles should be kept outdoors in a backyard or in a purpose-built enclosure.
Fencing around the yard or enclosure must be secure enough to protect the turtle from dogs and other potential predators.
Box turtles can dig under or climb over fences.

What is the best bedding for box turtles?

Newspaper, butcher paper, paper towels, or commercially available paper-based pelleted bedding or artificial grass made for reptiles (commonly called “reptile carpet”) is recommended.
Some people suggest using straw, hay, or alfalfa pellets, as box turtles like to burrow.

What size tank should I get for a box turtle?

ENCLOSURE SIZE:A 40-gallon (36” x 18”) fish tank or turtle tank is the minimum size enclosure for one box turtle.
A 75 gallon or 48” x 18” is better.
A hand made cage can also be made and there are many designs on the Internet.
Be sure to match the minimum size above, or even better, make the enclosure larger.

How often should I feed my Malayan box turtle?

Malayan box turtles don’t need to eat every day; they can survive on two feedings a week. However, it is best to feed them every two to three days. The young must be fed daily.

How can I tell if my Malayan box turtle is male or female?

The male is on the right. Note his large, thick tail as well as his slight plastral concavity. The female on the left has a short stubby tail as well as a completely flat plastron. In the picture below, the male is on the left while the female is on the right.

Are Malayan box turtles endangered?

Amboina box turtle/Conservation status
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How long do box turtles live?

Eastern box turtles reach maturity at 10 to 20 years old and can live to be more than 100 years old. The eastern box turtle is not considered endangered on a national level.

What do turtles eat?

In the wild, turtles eat a variety of things including worms, small insects, snails, and fish. Wild turtles are mainly carnivorous when they are young because their bodies require protein in order to grow.

Do turtles die if you move them?

They spend their entire lives–which can span over a hundred years–in one small area and, if moved, they will spend the rest of their life trying to get home, crossing through unfamiliar territory and usually dying in the process. This is a great loss. Box turtles are an integral part of the forest ecosystem.

Why are you not supposed to move turtles?

Don’t relocate turtles to new areas, even if you think their current location is odd (unless it is obviously hazardous, such as a busy parking lot). Moving them to an unfamiliar location can subject them to foreign diseases and parasites that they lack a natural immunity to, so that should be avoided.

Is turtle Pee dangerous?

“Turtle urine causes brain damage in humans when it comes in contact with your skin.” Turtles can eat pizza, chocolate and hot dogs. But just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.