5 Best Heat Tape Reptiles of 2021

Guide to Heat Tape Reptiles

Heat tape is a very thin and durable plastic film that has been used for heating reptiles for many years. Heat tapes are typically made of PVC or PET. They have the ability to stretch up to 180% so they can be wrapped around various objects, allowing you to control where the heat goes in your enclosure. When used properly with a thermostat/rheostat, they are an excellent product that will last for many years. Recently there have been some new brands on the market claiming their heat tape is better than other brands, but I would suggest sticking with what has proven itself over time if you’re looking for quality products.

Why Heat Tape Reptile is needed?

Reptile Heat Tape will provide the desired temperature required by the reptile, but it will also provide a reliable heat source that can protect them from getting hypothermia. Heat tape reptiles are typically made up of PVC or PET. They have the ability to stretch up to 180% so they can be wrapped around various objects, allowing you to control where the heat goes in your enclosure. When used properly with a thermostat/rheostat, they are an excellent product that will last for many years.

Reasons To Use Heat Tape Reptiles

With reptile heat tape, you can easily control the temperature of your pet’s habitat. In addition to that, they are very easy to use and extremely long-lasting. When used properly with a thermostat/rheostat they will provide reliable heating for many years before needing replacement. This is why I have been using them on various racks and cages for over 15 years now without having any issues or significant incidents in doing so.

This reptile heat tape is ideal for heating reptiles. I have been using it on various racks and cages for over 15 years now with no significant incident. When used properly with a thermostat/rheostat it is a very useful and long-lived product.

Best Heat Tape Reptiles – FAQ

Is heat tape safe for reptiles?

Yes! Heat tape is a thin laminate material that can be cut with any good quality scissor. The element that we sell has been specifically chosen for reptile rack and cage use and can be cut to almost any length. MAKE SURE THE ELEMENT IS UNPLUGGED WHEN TRIMMING!

What is the best heat tape for reptiles?

From the guys at THG comes the latest in heat tape technology. This reptile heat tape is ideal for all snake racks or reptile cages. THG Heat Tape for reptiles operates at various watts per foot depending on the size you purchase and requires the use of a rheostat or thermostat.

How hot does reptile heat tape get?

In open-air your heat tape will only get to around 90°F. but at full power can get to 130°F under an enclosure full of substrate. There must be a small air gap (1/8″) on one side of the tape.

Can you cut self-regulating heat tape?

Self-regulating heat tracing cables can be cut to length in the field and will never overheat. All self-regulating heating cables have a maximum exposure temperature. If the cables are exposed to temperatures above this level, they may become damaged beyond repair.

Can heat tape be used on glass?

HT9 Glass Fibre Heating Tapes

Is heat tape safe on wood?

It is fine on wood intact woos holds heat better. Do make sure t. Use a good thermostat to keep temps below 95 degrees.

What is the heat-resistant tape?

Heat resistant tape is polyester film tape with a high-temperature resistant adhesive.

What temperature does heat tape come on?

around 38 degrees F
The better quality tapes use a thermal sensor embedded in the tape to turn on the heating process once the temperature drops to around 38 degrees F (2 degrees C). Manufacturers’ instructions are provided on the package on how to properly install the tape.

How long does a heat tape last?

Speaking of replacing, heat tape only has a 3-year lifespan. Most heat tape manufacturers warn that you should replace your heat tapes every 3 years minimum. Heat tape has a near-constant connection with both water and electricity and usually isn’t protected well from the elements.

How do you hook up a thermostat to heat tape?

Just like your home thermostat, a reptile thermostat will measure the temperature of the heat tape and turn it off when it gets too hot, and turn it on when it gets too cool. To hook up the thermostat, plug in the outlet portion at the end of your heat tape’s electrical cord directly into the thermostat.

Can you cut Flexwatt heat tape?

heat tape on the lines

How hot does heat tape get without a thermostat?

Voltage Rating, 240 V. Minimum Operating Temperature, -60°C. Maximum Operating Temperature, +200°C.

What if the heat tape is too long?

Usually, you can wrap the tape around the pipe as you install it. You can then add or subtract wraps to adjust the length and make it come out where you want. This works well for just a short amount of slack.

Does heat tape use a lot of electricity?

Does heat tape use a lot of electricity

Can self-regulating heat trace touch itself?

Constant wattage heat trace and MI cable cannot cross or touch itself. Self-regulating heat trace cables, however, would adjust to this temperature increase, making them safe to cross or overlap. As with any electrical system, though, there are always potential dangers with using heat trace or heat cables.

How thick is heat tape?

Enhance your purchase
Material Other
Size 1 inch X36Yds
Brand TAMU
Thickness 2.5 Mils

Can heat tape be covered with insulation?

* To avoid overheating, don’t cover heat tapes with insulation, even though some manufacturers may permit it. If you do add insulation according to manufacturers’ instructions, use a non-flammable type, such as fiberglass, not foam or vinyl insulation that could catch fire from a failing heat tape.

Can heat tape start a fire?

Sadly, heat tape has the potential to cause fires in homes and businesses. Many of these products consist only of non-regulating tape which plugs into a wall outlet. If the heat tape remains activated for long periods of time – especially if temperatures rise and/or the tape is well-insulated – it can spark a fire.

When should heat tape be turned on?

The roof heat cables should be warm to start melting immediately when snow is falling. In fact, they should be installed on your pipes long before the first freeze. The new self-regulated heat tapes will turn on when the temperature gets below 40 to 38 degrees.

What is the most heat-resistant tape?

Best Heat Resistant Tapes – 10 Products Reviewed
XFasten Professional HVAC Aluminum Foil Tape.
Rincons Heat Press High-Temperature Tape.
3M Silver Foils 3340 Tape.
Tesa 51026 Heat Proof tape.
Sublimation Consumables INTBUYING 2 Rolls Tape.
Foxnovo High-Temperature Resistant Kapton Tape.
Elegoo High Temp Bundle.