5 Best Guinea Pig Water Bottles of 2021

Guide to Guinea Pig Water Bottles

Guinea pig water bottles can be a great way to keep your piggies well hydrated. Bottled water is also another thing you can use to mix with their fresh food and veggies; it adds flavor and moisture to the cavy’s diet, giving them more variety!

Most guinea pigs will readily drink from bottles, though some may take a little while to get used to the idea. Always try filling it up and putting it in the cage before buying (if they don’t like the one at the store, chances are they won’t like any other either), as there may be different levels of “slippage” with each type.

Types of Guinea Pig Water Bottles

First of all, there are different types of bottles. They include a water bottle with a ball or bell inside, a water bottle with a spout, and a water bowl. Some guinea pigs may prefer one type over the other. It is generally inadvisable to use any bottled water that adds anything artificial such as flavors or vitamins; it can cause sensitivities in your cavy’s skin and digestive system.

The most common type of bottle is with the ball/bell inside: you put small pebbles (the kind used for aquariums) in the bottom half and screw on the top half which contains the rubber nipple. You can drop bits of fresh fruit or veggies into this type of bottle to release their scent and flavor, giving your cavy an extra treat while they drink.

Another type of guinea pig water bottle is one with a spout. This particular kind may be easier for some guinea pigs to get used to because it looks more like the water spigot in their cage/crate, but there are mixed opinions about this kind of bottle. Some guinea pigs really don’t care for them at all, whereas others love them! It’s always good to have both types just in case your cavy doesn’t get along with one or the other.

The third type of guinea pig water bottle is a bowl version that hangs on the outside of the cage using hooks or clips. These are easy to clean, but many cavies don’t like drinking from them because they can’t fit their whole head inside.

Best Guinea Pig Water Bottles – FAQ

What is the best water bottle for guinea pigs?

10 Best Guinea Pig Water Bottles Reviewed
Living World Eco + Water Bottle.
Choco Nose H128 No Drip Guinea Pigs Water Bottle (Amazon’s Top Pick)
Trixie Honey and Hopper Glass Water Bottle.
Lixit Wide Mouth BPA-Free Cage Water Bottle.
Critterville Animal Water Bottle.

Do guinea pigs need a water bottle?

The most common and best way of providing your guinea pigs with freshwater is by using a water bottle. Water bottles keep your pets’ water supply cleaner and fresher and are quick and easy to refill. You should change the water in your pets’ bottles at least once a day, and more often in warmer weather.

Can guinea pigs drink out of Rabbit water bottles?

Yes, the majority of the guinea pigs can drink out of a bowl, especially if they used to drink out of a bowl while growing up. If they have used water bottles since birth then they will have a hard time getting used to the bowl and vice versa.

What is the best No drip water bottle for guinea pigs?

The Kordon OASIS Crystal Clear Water Bottle* is a neat and tidy guinea pig water bottle with a generous 16-ounce capacity. The nozzle is fitted with a stainless steel drinking tube and double-ball vacuum valve so it won’t leak. The bottle comes with a stainless steel hanging hook for easy fitting to your pets’ cage.

Can I give my guinea pig water in a bowl?

Guinea pigs are known for being a bit messy with food and water. However, guinea pigs might drink more from a water bowl because it’s less work than a bottle. If you opt for water bowls, choose a style that won’t tip, because some guinea pigs like to lean against bowls or walk over them.

Can 2 guinea pigs share a water bottle?

Guinea pigs can share their food bowls and water bottles but it’s not something that they will like to do. So when you have two guinea pigs you will usually need two food bowls and two water bottles that way you can help prevent them from unnecessarily fighting over them.

Why does my guinea pig run around the cage?

When your guinea pig runs around in his cage, he may be doing no more than simply getting a little exercise. If his enclosure is roomy enough, the lively sprinting could mean he’s stretching out his legs and releasing some of his extra energy.

Why does my guinea pig chew on his water bottle?

Guinea pigs have a lot of fat junk in their mouth, like half-chewed grass, so they use water to smear everything and chew it all up, like an enzyme. That’s also why they leave so much result in their water bottles!

Why do guinea pigs poop in their water bowl?

Many guinea pigs will have a favorite corner they use, do putting a good bowl there is just providing temptation! I suspect some guinea pigs leave poop in their food bowl as a sign of ownership, even if they are the only ones. Putting the food bowl near the water bottle might help.

Do guinea pigs like to be in the dark?

Do the guinea pigs like sleeping in the dark

Can guinea pigs lick ice cubes?

They certainly may nibble at it, as they nibble at anything. But it will be far too cold for them and they will leave it alone, It’s ok for them to have a little as it is water content so will give them a water supplement.

How long can guinea pigs go without water?

Vets don’t make any clear recommendations on the length of time a guinea pig can survive without water, but no pet should be deprived of water for more than 12 to 24 hours. Simply put, it’s best to ensure your pet always has access to water.

What do I do if my guinea pig water bottle is leaking?

Clean the plastic water bottle interior with a bottle brush. Scrub up and down the entire surface. Push a pipe cleaner entirely through the metal drinking tube to clean it and the metal ball inside. Guinea pigs may spit food into the tube while drinking, displacing the ball and causing the bottle to leak.

How do I stop my guinea pig water bottle from leaking?

Fill the bottle with clean water. Squeeze the bottle while you put the lid on if you have a plastic bottle, as having a slight vacuum inside helps stop dripping. Ensure that the lid is on firmly, then turn the bottle upside down and reattach it to the cage.

Can I put a hot water bottle in with my guinea pigs?

Re: Keeping guinea pigs warm – hot water bottles

What is a guinea pig’s favorite food?

Each guinea pig is different, and most will have their own favorites. Most of them love carrots and broccoli, and some love nothing better than fresh grass nibbled from a lawn.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are docile animals and rarely bite without cause. They tend to ‘mouth’ their owners while being held, just to see if you’re edible! Guinea pigs only use their teeth aggressively if they feel under threat – they are their only means of defense.

Can you leave your guinea pig alone for 2 days?

It is fine to leave your guinea pigs alone for a day or a little bit more, but anything more than two days can be threatening. A lot can happen over two days; thus, it is best to have someone to look after your guinea pigs if you are planning to leave them alone for more than a day.

How many hours can guinea pigs be left alone?

You should never leave your Guinea Pig alone and unattended for longer than 24 hours. 12 hours at most is generally considered to be more ideal. Even if you leave them with plenty of food and water, Guinea Pigs are reliant on your care and will likely require your attention within that time.

Is it better to have 2 male or 2 female guinea pigs?

For this reason, it’s good to get a pair of guinea pigs. So, in case you decide to have two guinea pigs, then it’s best to get two immature females. The reason for this is that two immature females come along very well, as opposed to two males where fights are common. A female guinea pig can give birth to 2-3 babies.