5 Best Guinea Pig Beddings of 2021

Guide to Guinea Pig Beddings.

Why is bedding so important?

Bedding provides comfort and absorbency, as well as encourages burrowing and chewing behavior. Sand-like litters such as recycled paper or wood shavings provide the best substrate for digging. Cedar shavings should be avoided due to their toxicity. Bedding depth is also significant; if it is too deep, it can encourage obesity, and if too shallow it can lead to splay leg.

Why are some beddings sold as appropriate for other animals but not guinea pigs?

Guinea pig-specific substrates are recommended to avoid ingestion or inhalation of material that could cause respiratory irritation or illness (i.e., dust). Litters like recycled newspaper pellet litters result in much less dust than traditional non-pelleted paper shavings. The best way to tell is by reading the label; if the bedding states “not suitable for small pet rodent housing” then you should look elsewhere! Also keep in mind that many people will say pine/cedar/hardwood shaving are ok because they hold up well to urine, but these products are toxic and their dust is bad for the respiratory system.

Is it necessary to line the cage bottom with bedding?

The cage bottom can be lined with bedding, but if you do this just be sure that there aren’t any holes or tears in the liner that may result in your piggy cutting themselves or getting debris lodged into their toes.

Best Guinea Pig Beddings – FAQ

What bedding is best for guinea pigs?

There are several types of bedding available for Guinea Pigs to nest in, including paper-based, fleece, wood, and hay. The best bedding for your Guinea Pig is either a paper or fleece based bedding.

Do guinea pigs have to have bedding?

But since guinea pigs love to burrow, you need to provide at least two inches of bedding in the habitat. Because of harmful chemicals, make sure not to put cedar and pine shavings in your guinea pigs habitat.

What does guinea pig bedding do?

Unlike softwood shavings, Aspen bedding for guinea pigs do not have the dangerous volatile oil. However, aspen is known to be less absorbent than pine. Absorbency is incredibly important, as the main function of proper beddings is to be able to absorb moisture from urine and feces, as we stressed earlier in this blog.

What kind of bed do guinea pigs like?

The Kaytee Cuddle E-Cup is a high-quality, comfortable bed that most guinea pigs should love using. But this bed isn’t only comfortable, it also comes with a number of helpful features to ensure that it is safe for your pet and convenient for you.

Can I use felt for guinea pig bedding?

In contrast, flannel doesn’t have the same moisture wicking properties as fleece so it will remain damp, creating an unhealthy and unhygienic environment for your guinea pig. Felt acts in a similar manner, soaking up liquids and remaining wet rather than allowing them to pass through.

What do you put on the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

We suggest lining it with newspapers first. This will protect the bottom of the hutch and makes cleaning the cage easier too. Add the hay or wood shavings on top of the newspaper, making sure there is extra hay for your cavy to burrow and dig.

What do guinea pigs hate?

Guinea pigs are scared of other animals, especially larger than themselves. They are also afraid of predator pets such as cats or dogs, which is quite normal. It’s not advisable to keep your guinea pigs with other pets. Some people do keep their guinea pigs with rabbits, but even this combination is not the best one.

Can guinea pigs sleep in the bed with you?

You can sleep with your guinea pigs, but it is not a good idea to do so. There are a few reasons for the same. Guinea pigs do pee and poop several times in a few hours. So, even if you have a potty trained guinea pig chances are you will end up with poop in your bed and maybe over you as well.

How do guinea pigs show affection?

Guinea pigs do a good bit of licking. A guinea pig might also lick their person’s fingers/hand, which can be a sign of affection — after all, that’s how guinea pigs show affection to one another. Or the guinea pig might just like the taste of a person’s skin.

Do guinea pigs like blankets?

Guinea pigs love soft fabrics. They will roll around in a towel and blanket in your home. Guinea pigs adore the warmth and softness of such materials. These materials provide all manner of entertainment and comfort to guinea pigs.

How do I stop my guinea pig from pooping everywhere?

Then here are some things you can do:
Make sure that the amount of hay in your guinea pigs diet is sufficient enough to provide them with the required fiber.
Make sure your guinea pigs drink more water.
Reduce fruits or other sensitive food in their diet.
Clean their cage regularly.

What is lifespan of guinea pig?

4 – 8 years
In captivity
Guinea pig/Lifespan
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Does guinea pigs like to be held?

Guinea pigs are overly sensitive to being held, so limiting their exposure will keep them happier. You can hand the guinea pig to a child, but only let one child hold it.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are docile animals, and rarely bite without cause. They tend to ‘mouth’ their owners while being held, just to see if you’re edible! Guinea pigs only use their teeth aggressively if they feel under threat – they are their only means of defence.

Why does my guinea pig pee on my bed?

Probably the main reason guinea pigs pee on people has to do with whether or not they can hold it, but perhaps some of the same reasons guinea pigs spray each other also might hold true with peeing on people. Additionally, if a guinea pig isn’t a big fan of being held, he or she might resort to peeing to get released.

How do I stop my guinea pig from burgling under fleece?

Piggies can’t burrow under or dig up the fleece. No need to hold down or secure the edges or corners to prevent burrowing. Most folks use the rather ugly binder clips or go the extreme of lining the outside of the cage so that it is one giant fleece swimming pool.

Is felt safe for guinea pigs?

Felt will ravel, while fleece won’t. So if your pigs are the kind that chew cloth, you may wind up with a pig with an intestinal obstruction. Aside from the fact that felt doesn’t wick like fleece, I wouldn’t run the risk of killing my pig by using felt.

Is pine bedding OK for guinea pigs?

Pine bedding must not smell, or have an extremely weak smell. This indicates the minimum amount of these oils present, deeming it suitable for guinea pigs. Kiln dried pine shavings contain less amounts of these chemicals than conventional shavings. Sawdust Can cause severe respiratory illness and distress.

Can I use cat litter for guinea pigs?

Don’t use cat litter. Small animal potty training litter, such as Kaytee Critter Litter (Potty Training Litter) is made from material that are too hard. It will cause harm to the guinea pigs’ feet. Litter/bedding for guinea pigs must be soft to the touch.

Do guinea pigs need a wheel?

Guinea pigs do not need exercise wheels and balls to exercise and stay active. While these products can be used for other pets such as hamsters and mice, they can be dangerous for guinea pigs. Prolonged periods in an exercise wheel may cause your guinea pigs to suffer from spinal injuries.