5 Best Glass Aquarium Heaters of 2021

Guide to Glass Aquarium Heaters

It is no secret that fish are very delicate creatures. They need a constant temperature to thrive, which means you need an aquarium heater. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right heater for your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best glass aquarium heaters of 2021!

Why Glass Aquarium Heater is needed?

The glass aquarium heaters are most commonly used in fresh and marine water aquariums. They work by using quartz glass to conduct electricity, which then heats the surrounding water of an aquarium. An aquarium heater is a device used in the fishkeeping hobby to warm the temperature of the water. Most tropical freshwater and marine aquariums are maintained at temperatures that range from 22-30 °C. The types include glass immersion heaters and under gravel heating.

Submersible heaters stay completely underwater. This allows you to more accurately control the temperature of your tank as they’re unaffected by surface water temperatures, which can fluctuate daily or even hourly depend on the time of year and weather!

The benefits of a glass aquarium heater:

The most popular type used in freshwater and marine tanks for accurate heat distribution throughout the entire tank; submersible models stay completely underwater for easy installation/maintenance; available in various wattages from 25-500 watts (different sizes are typically measured differently) so that different sized aquariums have their appropriate heating needs met; some come with an attached thermometer for easy viewing purposes.

When you are positioning your heater, make sure to keep it away from the gravel at least two inches. Also, ensure that there is no equipment or ornament resting on top of the aquarium where an accident could break your tank and cause a flood; this can also potentially damage heaters as well!

Generally, most people place their glass aquarium heater in one corner with the cord running up along the back wall – ensuring that nothing will be able to come into contact with hot glass if they bump against it. It’s always a good practice when installing any kind of electrical appliance around water (such as a pump) like an Aquarium Heater, consider using GFCI outlets for added safety precautions.

Best Glass Aquarium Heaters – FAQ

Can the aquarium heater touch the glass?

The most common aquarium heater is sealed within a glass tube that hangs upright, bolted with plastic screws to the side of your tank. If you look at a heater, you’ll notice it comes with a specially built protective cage to prevent the heating element from touching even the glass side of your tank.

Can Aqueon heaters be fully submerged?

Aqueon Preset Heaters require no adjusting! The fully submersible heaters are constructed of shatter-resistant quartz glass and feature an automatic safety shut-off to avoid overheating.

What is the most reliable aquarium heater?

For home aquariums up to 15 gallons in size, our top pick is the FREESIA Aquarium Heater Fish Tank Submersible Heater (view at Amazon). It’s well priced, reliable, and has a large LED temperature display. Those with smaller tanks should consider the Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater (view at Amazon).

What’s the best aquarium heater?

Best fish tank heaters
Our rating Wattage For tanks
Aqueon Pro Submersible 100 Watt 20-30 Gal
Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater 150W 30 – 50Gal
Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 250 Watts 55-60 gallons
Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater 300W 50 – 80 Gal
6 more rows

Does an aquarium heater need to be fully submerged?

Submersible aquarium heaters can be fully immersed in the aquarium water. It is important that you keep the heater off of the gravel, as the difference in heat conductivity between the water and the gravel could result in the glass of the heater cracking.

Should I leave my aquarium heater on all the time?

Do You Leave the Aquarium Heater on All the Time

What does a red light on an aquarium heater mean?

The red light means that your fish tank heater is in the process of reaching the set temperature, and it is heating the water.

How do I know if my Aqueon heater is working?

Once plugged in, the heater will automatically start working and the Temperature Adjustment Knob will glow red. (A). When the heater reaches set temperature, the Temperature Adjustment Knob will stop glowing red.

What is the best heater for a 20-gallon fish tank?

Best heaters for 20-gallon fish tanks
Our rating Wattage For tanks
Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo Heater 75W up to 20 gallon
Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater 100W 15 – 30Gal
Boxtech Aquarium Heater 100W 10 – 30Gal
Aqueon Pro Submersible 100 Watt 20-30 Gal
5 more rows

How often should I replace the aquarium heater?

What are your thoughts on when to replace a quality heater

How long do aquarium heaters last?

eight to 12 years
A traditional tank-type water heater lasts an average of eight to 12 years. Inside the tank, an anode rod protects the interior lining by attracting all corrosive particles to itself through a process called electrolysis.

Are aquarium heaters dangerous?

Since aquarium heaters are electrical appliances that produce heat, they are in no way different from this case. Fish tank heaters are perfectly safe if you take proper precautions and measures before installation. As an aquarist, you ought to remember that aquariums are not always built to withstand excessive heat.

How accurate are aquarium heaters?

Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater

How do I choose a fish tank heater?

A good rule of thumb for aquarium heaters is 5 watts per gallon for aquariums 55 gallons or smaller, and 3 watts per gallon for those over 60 gallons. Use a larger size or a second heater if your aquarium is in an especially cold room or is located on an exterior wall or near an outside door.

Can fish get burned by the heater?

Yes, an aquarium heater can burn the fish. A fish getting burn by an aquarium heater is rare, but it happens from time to time. A burn usually occurs from a fish getting trapped between the aquarium glass and the heater.

Do aquarium heaters work out of water?

The majority of heaters are fully submersible. This means they sit under the water of your aquarium. These will have a minimum water line that is not reached will cause damage to your heater.

Are 82 degrees too hot for tropical fish?

The ideal range for a freshwater tank with most tropical fish is 77 to 83 degrees. This will make 95 percent of the fish out there very happy. For a saltwater tank, the range is 76 to 82 degrees. For the reef aquarium, slightly cooler, at 76 to 78 degrees, is best.

Can you leave the fish tank heater on overnight?

The aquarium heater has a thermostat that cycles on and off to maintain a near-constant temperature as long as the ambient is cooler than the setting. If you leave that powered indefinitely, your aquarium will maintain the set temperature indefinitely which is exactly what the fish need.

Can fish sleep with the light on?

If you turn a light on in the middle of the night you’ll see how still they are. Like people, fish have an internal clock that tells them when to do things like sleep and eat. So even if you accidentally leave the lights on at night, the fish may settle down and go to sleep anyway.

How long should I keep the heater on?

With all that being said, if there are no extreme factors involved, the average run time for a furnace is 10-15 minutes per cycle. Your furnace may need to run two to three times an hour to maintain your desired temperature if your home has average insulation.