5 Best Fish For Pets of 2021

Guide to Fish For Pets

It’s a great idea to have a pet fish! They’re cute, entertaining and they can really be a lot of fun. However, there are many things you need to know about keeping a fish as a pet.

First, you need some supplies. You’ll need a fish tank, of course, and all the things that go along with it: gravel, a filter, food, and a water conditioner. In addition, you’re going to want to have some fun decor for your fish tank. There are many options! You can add plants or rocks or stones or little toys. The important thing is that you know exactly what kind of pet fish you want before beginning this process.

Once your supplies have been acquired, it’s time to set up your tank! The first step is gravel rinsing. This means taking out an old container-like appliance and filling it with gravel from the bag of aquarium gravel. Then you run water over the gravel until it runs clean.

Next, set up your filter system. Fill it with water from your fish tank and turn it on to get the water flowing through the filter system. Lastly, place your tank where you want it, fill it with fresh tap water, add conditioner and let it sit for a few hours so that the chemicals can settle into the water properly. Afterward, add decor before placing in any fish!

Here’s a list of typically suggested types of pets for beginners

Tetra – commonly suggested for beginners due to their hardiness and ease of care. These fish are slightly more difficult to breed

Corydoras – these fish like to be in schools and will help clean your tank by eating leftover food and algae.

Mollies – good for beginners because they like the same water conditions as most tropical community fish (75-82F). They can live up to 5 years or more!

Swordtails – also a relatively hardy fish that is easy to breed. Good for beginners as long as you have a compatible school of at least 6-8 of them, as they prefer it that way.

Silver Dollars – these larger fish need tanks with strong filters but otherwise are very hearty and easy to take care of.

Goldfish – surprisingly easy to care for, and can live happily in a smaller bowl by themselves.

Best Fish For Pets – FAQ

What is the best fish to have as a pet?

Six great fish types to keep as pets
Crown Tail Male Betta Fish.
These fish are popular due to maintenance requirements and their bright jewel-tone colors.

These fish are popular due to their hardiness, non-aggressive temperament, and small size.




Molly fish.

What is the easiest pet fish to take care of?

Generally speaking, all these species are good-natured, striking, and very easy to care for.
Good luck with finding your new pet fish!
Yes, the goldfish is top on the list.

Small and brightly colored, guppies are another favorite for beginner aquariums.





Is fish good for pets?

Benefits of Fish for Dogs

What pet fish can live together?

Fish That Live Well Together

What is the cheapest fish to buy as a pet?

Budget-friendly fish
The barb group’s made up of a huge range of species, and there are some stunning colours and patterns among them.

Great looking and low maintenance, this freshwater species can make a wonderful addition to your home.


Molly fish.

Algae eaters.



What pet fish lives the longest?

If you are looking for a fish that will be around for up to 10 years, think about neon tetras, angelfish, Oscars, and plecostomus. The longest-lived of all the popular freshwater fish is the goldfish. If provided proper feeding and a clean, healthy environment, these fish can live up to 15 years.

What do I need to know before buying a fish?

Before You Buy Your Fish
Find a reputable store.
This is the first and most important step to having healthy fish.

Watch out for “starter kits” sold at pet stores.
They often include components that are low-quality or that you don’t need.

Buy water-testing kits.

Low-Maintenance Freshwater Fish for Beginners
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Standard Goldfish (Carassius auratus) Goldfish.

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Neon Tetras (Paracheirodon innesi) Mirko_Rosenau / Getty Images.

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Betta Fish.
Jessie Sanders.

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Mollies & Platys (Livebearers) soft / Getty Images.

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How long do pet fish last?

Fish have a bad reputation for short lives, but with proper care, they can live for at least three to five years. Some breeds live a decade or longer. For example, the common goldfish, one of the most popular pet fish breeds, grows to be up to eight inches long and can live for twenty years.

Do fish get sad when other fish die?

No, fish do not get “sad” if another fish dies. Fish do have a brain that is capable of some type of “emotion” but not to the extent that humans feel. They don’t feel anything like sadness but may feel something to a smaller extent. Scientists have been able to train fish.

Do fish recognize their owner?

Fish Intelligence

What fish is bad for dogs?

Types of Fish That Aren’t Safe for Dogs
King mackerel.
Albacore tuna (canned)

What fish are good for small tanks?

5 Best Fish for a Small Tank
Betta fish are a typical choice for a small tank, but even they need a fair amount of space.
Betta Fish.
The fancy guppy is a good choice for a small tank.
Neon Tetra.
Zebra Danio.
Single dwarf gourami is a good fish for a small tank.

Can Axolotls live with fish?

Axolotls certainly can live with fishes or other freshwater creatures. BUT either one will suffer or die eventually. Or, as feeder fishes like goldfish or guppies get bigger, they may nip away your axolotls’ gills too.

What fish can you put with clownfish?

Clownfish do well with wrasses, damselfish, tangs, dartfish, angelfish, blennies, puffers, corals, anemones, and gobies. One thing to think about is that clownfish will often not get along with others of their kind.

What is the best pet fish for beginners?

Betta Fish

How expensive is owning a fish?

Some electricity will be used to run the light and filtration system, so expect a slight increase in your electric bill. Unlike with other pets, food will cost only about $20 each year. A freshwater fish could cost you anywhere from $1 to $25, depending on the species.

What pets are low maintenance?

21 Truly Low-Maintenance Pets Because a Dog Is Out of the Question
The very essence of a turtle is to be cool, calm, and collected, and maintaining them is just as easy.



Betta Fish.



Green Anole.

Sea Monkeys.

Which fish can live over 100 years?

The coelacanth
The coelacanth — a giant weird fish still around from dinosaur times — can live for 100 years, a new study found.
These slow-moving, people-sized fish of the deep, nicknamed a “living fossil,” are the opposite of the live-fast, die-young mantra.

Why do my fish keep dying?

10 Reasons Fish Die in a Tank.