Are Air Fresheners Bad For Dogs?

Although researchers aren’t certain how toxic these are for our pets, there is evidence that air fresheners can cause respiratory illnesses and stomach upsets, and in more extreme cases, damage to the kidneys, liver and central nervous system. Citations:

Are Bloodhounds Good Dogs?

The bloodhound is a gentle, patient, noble and mild-mannered animal. He’s especially good with children and is known to be exceptionally tolerant of tots who clamber over him. He also generally gets along well with other animals. Are bloodhounds aggressive dogs? Bloodhounds are not known for being aggressive. Instead, they are generally gentle and mild-mannered …

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Are Cavapoos Good Dogs?

Cavapoos are generally friendly dogs, and they can get along with other dogs and even cats when properly socialized. That said, they do love attention, so if they aren’t the only animal in the house, be sure you can still give your Cavapoo the attention they need. Are Cavapoos high maintenance? The Cavapoo is recognised …

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