5 Best Dog Nail Trimmers of 2021

Guide to Dog Nail Trimmer

Nail trimmers are used to shorten your dog’s nails. They come in various sizes, but the shape is the same. Nail trimmers have two blades that meet at a point to form an almost circular area where you cut. The small end of the nail trimmer is placed over the top surface of the nail and then squeezed. This causes one blade to meet with its opposing partner cutting through whatever lies between them. When putting it on the nail, you will know if you’re squeezing it correctly because it will start cutting right away. If you feel resistance or can’t make either blade touch, change your grip slightly until this happens. For extremely long nails (or dewclaws), once have been removed to make both sides match, they may be more difficult to cut.

What are the different types of Trimmer?

There is a scissor-type nail trimmer in which two blades come together at a point much like regular scissors. The guillotine type has a handle with a “U”- shaped end that traps the nail when squeezed. These are probably the most popular of all types because of their ease of use once you get used to them. Another style is the powered grinder that spins at very high speeds giving off heat and friction which wears down the nail tip safely without cutting it extremely short. Regardless of the type you choose, make sure it comes with a replacement blade.

The size of your dog will determine which type to get. For dogs weighing up to seven pounds, the guillotine type is recommended and for dogs, over this weight, a scissor or powered grinder can be used. Also when choosing a nail trimmer for dogs with larger nails, make sure it has a large handle because smaller ones may cause you to cut too deeply into the quick (sensitive part of the nail). If you choose a powered grinder, only use it when you know what you’re doing since they tend to heat up quickly and can easily hurt your dog if not used properly.

Hold the trimmer in your right hand if you are right-handed. Close your hand around the clipper to squeeze the handle which will move the cutting blade. This side will face you as you trim nails. This side will face the pet as you trim nails.

Best Dog Nail Trimmers – FAQ

Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?

Some pet owners prefer to use a grinding tool, such as the nail Dremel for dogs. This method of trimming can be quite effective, although using a grinder necessitates doing the job more often. A grinding tool can give a smoother finish to the nail than the clipper and works well on thick nails.

What nail clippers do professional dog groomers use?

Here are some top-rated dog nail trimmers to consider from Shopping reader-favorite retailers like Amazon and Chewy.

Bushel Dog Nail Clippers.

Paws & Pals Pet Nail Clipper.

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs.

Millers Forge Pet Nail Clipper.

Zen Clipper.

FURminator Dog Nail Clippers.

How do you know where the quick is on black dog nails?

To view the quick of the nail, gently lift your dog’s paw and look at the center of the unclipped nail head-on.
If the nail has a small dark circle at the center, it indicates the beginning of the quick of the nail.
Do not clip any nail that has a circle in the center as you’ll be clipping into the quick.

Do dogs feel pain when you cut their nails?

Much like a human nail, if a dog’s nail is damaged or hurt, it will cause them pain. One way a nail may cause a dog pain is during the trimming process if they are not maintained regularly. Not only does cutting a dog’s nails too short cause them pain but leaving them to grow too long can be even more painful.

What angle do you cut dogs’ nails?

Start by placing the nail trimmers right at the apex of the nail at a 90-degree angle. Then move the trimmers slightly towards the nail tip and angle the trimmers towards the tip to a 45-degree angle. Now cut. This technique should cut the nail without hitting the bleeding quick.

How often should you cut your dog’s nails?

How often should you cut your dog’s nails

Can I use human nail clippers on my dog?

Smart Clippers for Sharp Nails

Does it hurt a dog when you cut the quick?

Dog lovers know that most dogs need to have their nails trimmed. Cutting a nail too short is colloquially called “quicking” because we call the nail bed, where the nerves and blood vessels live, the “quick”. So when you quick a dog, you damage the nerves and vessels and it hurts (a lot) and bleeds (a really lot).

How hard is it to clip dog nails?

Professional groomers will perform the task for squeamish owners, but dog nail trimming is a simple procedure if done correctly.
Since nail trimming can be an anxiety-laden experience for many dogs, start handling your puppy’s feet and trimming their nails when they’re young, so they become accustomed to the process.

Can I file my dog’s nails instead of clipping them?

Many dog owners who don’t feel comfortable clipping their pet’s nails will use a file instead. Personally, I usually clip my dogs’ nails and then file down the sharp edges using either a nail file or a dog nail grinder like Dremel. In fact, you could buy this file now and use it for every dog you’ll ever have.

How quickly does a dog’s quick recede?

After trimming a small portion of an overgrown nail, generally, within seven days, the quick should have receded enough to allow you to trim off another little bit of nail again, according to The Everything Puppy Book: Choosing, Raising, and Training Our Littlest Best.

What to do if dogs Quick is exposed?

Your veterinarian may apply antibiotic ointment or powder to the exposed nail bed and bandage the foot to prevent contamination and to minimize further bleeding. An oral or injectable antibiotic may be advised as well. Since the nail bed or quick is attached to bone, prevention of infection is crucial.

What happens if you cut the quick on a dog?

Many dogs have solid black nails, making it impossible to see the quick, which contains live blood vessels. You should only trim off the tip, but if you accidentally cut your dog’s nails too short, they may yip in pain and start bleeding.

Do long nails hurt dogs?

Clipping your dog’s nails is more than a cosmetic chore. Long nails can turn a sound paw into a splayed foot and reduce traction, and they can cause deformed feet and injure the tendons over an extended period. As the long nail hits the ground, the pressure puts force on the foot and leg structure.

Why does my dog scream when I cut his nails?

Signs Dogs Feel Their Nails

Why do dogs cry when cutting nails?

Dogs cry either because you are holding their paws too tight, or because you are cutting them the wrong way/angle or cutting them too short. You’re cutting his nails wrong. You’re more than likely cutting the quick which has blood vessels and nerves. It hurts them and will make them bleed.

How often can you cut overgrown dog nails?

For overgrown dog nails, you’ll need to clip long nails weekly. This gives the quick time to recede toward the paw. Once your dog’s nails are finally at an acceptable length, keep trimming back his nails on a weekly basis. If you skip a week or two, your dog’s nails will start touching the ground.

What happens if you don’t cut your dog’s nails?

Originally Answered: What happens if a dogs nails are never cut

Does walking your dog trim their nails?

Taking your dog for regular walks, including on hard surfaces such as pavements, will help to shorten their claws, but may not be enough to keep them as short as they should be.

Should I cut my dogs nails at an angle?

Once you feel ready, firmly hold your dog’s paw and only start clipping if they are not pulling their leg away.
Cut the nail at a 45-degree angle away from the paw and avoid the quick, which is the core of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves.