Does Martin Saddlery Use Real Elephant?

Does Martin Saddlery Use Real Elephant?

Are Martin saddles good? Martin saddles are amazing quality and so durable! That being said the company itself and the staff are even more amazing! This company stands behind their products and takes care of the people who use them and this is what sets them apart from the rest!

Where are JC Martin saddles made? JCM Saddles are designed & created to the highest US standards in Greenville, Texas using either Hermann Oak hides for our US saddle lineup or top quality imported Brazilian or mystery cowhides for our Economy lineup. Regardless of the price point, you will always get value for your money, we guarantee it.

What saddle does Lisa Lockhart use? Lisa’s new saddle, Fearless by Martin, elevates innovation and features quality at its finest, made with Hermann Oak Leather and 100% real sheepskin wool. The pliable bar tree has been Lisa’s long-term preference for keeping horses sound, and her seat offers a balanced ride, allowing you to “Be Fearless.”

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How heavy is a Martin saddle?

Weight: 40 lbs. (approx.)

Where are Dakota saddles made?

Best known for providing quality handcrafted saddles at an affordable price, Dakota saddles are proudly made in Ider, Alabama USA.

What saddle does Clinton Anderson use?

Clinton has designed the saddle to fit most breeds of horses. Our saddle is known as a half breed. It has the best features of an Aussie Stock Saddle and an American Western Saddle. The swell, pommel and knee pads are all features of an Aussie Stock Saddle.

What is a Martin BTR saddle?

BTR (Balance, Timing, Rhythm) is a refined saddle designed to give the rider security without restriction. With streamlined, forward fenders that move freely and a flatter seat, the rider is able to adjust quickly from the drop to acceleration.

Are Corriente saddles comfortable?

It’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in even up to 8 hours a day in the saddle and the quality for the price you cannot go wrong! I’ve turned several people into Corriente lovers as well because I rave so much about mine and get so many compliments!

Are Corriente Wade saddles good?

It’s a good manageable weight, durable, and secure. Whether I am ranch rodeoing, pasture roping, or even running the barrel pattern in it, nothing beats it. My wade fits everything great and I can do 12+ hour days in it no problem! I can’t wait to eventually get a custom one (or two) done by Corriente!

What is a ranch roper saddle?

The RANCH ROPER is a “buckaroo style” saddle built for rugged work with a classic cowboy look. Its broad, flat roping horn, heavy-duty fork, buck rolls and deep seat are designed for maximum comfort during long hours in the saddle handling livestock or just riding the range.

What is an all around saddle?

All Around saddle is a substantial saddle; large, and relatively heavy. It usually (ideally) is made with a wooden tree that can stand up to the pressures of roping and pulling. It’s also designed to be a comfortable ride for long hours in the saddle.

Is American Saddlery a good saddle?

I have owned this saddle for 15+ years and still think it is the most comfortable and well-fitting saddle out there. With a wider gullet, this fits a wide range of stock-type horses. On top of that, it is very easy to care for and oil. Like any saddle, take good care of it, and it will last a lifetime.

Are Dakota saddles good?

The Dakota saddlery is well respected in the horse saddle industry due to their high standards. Dakota uses high-quality trees and materials and is never afraid to use new technology to enhance their saddles’ comfort and durability. Dakota knows the importance of a high-quality, well-fitting saddle.

Who makes Clinton Anderson saddles?

Clinton’s Aussie saddle combines the best features of an Aussie stock saddle and an American western saddle. Made exclusively for Downunder Horsemanship by Martin Saddlery, this saddle is built to work and keep you and your horse comfortable while performing at your best.

Can you post in an Aussie saddle?

Do you post in an Australian saddle? If you normally ride in a 17″ english saddle, then you need a 17″ Australian saddle. Having a larger seat size will allow you to post in your saddle if you tend to post or stand in your stirrups. Some riders like the poleys right against their thigh, and will choose a snug fit.

What kind of saddle pad do you use with an Australian saddle?

The correct pad to use for any Australian pad is rectangular in shape, and should be just enough to cover the underside of the saddle, with a couple of inches extra in the front, and down past the edge of the fleece, or traditional stuffing. to give the pad more grip.

Do Corriente saddles fit Wide horses?

They fit a big, wide horse best.

What is Wade saddle?

A Wade saddle is a slick fork, buckaroo style specifically built to be a working saddle. It’s designed for handling livestock and for maximum comfort during long, strenuous hours in the saddle.

What is a strip down saddle?

Products – Saddles – Cowpuncher – Cowpuncher Strip Down Saddle ISR. Description: These saddles are lighter weight than a standard saddle and easier to handle when you are saddling a lot of horses. They are great saddles for starting colts because of the extra leg movement available.

Are Corriente saddles made in Mexico?

The saddles are made in Mexico, not New Mexico. Hence how they can be made so cheaply. For me, if they can stand up to 10+ years of heavy ranch use, like smrobs and her family has put them through, they must be pretty decent quality.

How much does a Corriente Wade saddle weigh?

Registered. It fits my budget currently and my saddle I have now does not fit my mare as it is too narrow so need a new one. HOWEVER my barrel saddle is very lightweight.the new wade saddle is 40lbs.

What is a double rigged saddle?

Saddles with this rigging often have a flank cinch, or rear cinch, (called a “double rigging” because the saddle is attached at the front and back) to keep the saddle from tipping forward when traveling downhill or to help distribute the pressure when the rider dallies the rope to stop a steer.

What are billet straps?

A billet strap is a piece of leather or nylon located on either side of a saddle and used to hold the cinch in place. English saddles commonly have billet straps on both sides whereas a western saddle will have a single “off-billet” strap on the off side and a latigo strap on the near side.

How much do master saddles weigh?


He designed and built his LIGHTWEIGHT™ saddles for high performance and durability. Starting at 15lbs you can choose the ultra light fiber glass tree or Marcio’s signature light wood tree for your custom made MASTER LIGHTWEIGHT™ barrel saddle.