do snakes like being pets

Do Snakes Like Being Pets?

Snakes, for the most part, can become good pets, as long as they are treated with care.  However, some species will always be aggressive towards humans, while others are more docile and can appear affectionate towards their owners.  There are certain things to bear in mind.

If roughly handled or incorrectly, snakes may develop anxiety towards being handled. There is a very low probability that a snake would come to truly like an owner. If we talk about these rare cases, then the nature of the owner matters a lot. Snakes tend not to like being touched or handled too much. Moreover, there are different species of snakes. Some of them like to be petted and some not.

Snakes That Make Great Pets

Here are the names of the snakes who like to be petted by humans. These snakes have high human tolerance. They are listed below–>

  • 400;”>Corn Snake
  • 400;”>California Kingsnake
  • Rosy Boa
  • Gopher Snake
  • 400;”>Ball Python


The corn snake is also known as Pantherophis guttata. Before the ball python, the corn snake was used to be the first choice of the people who want snakes as their pet. The corn snake is easy to control and handle. People find it easy to take care of it. There are a docile species that make a great starter snake.

One of the reasons why people love corn snake is its color combination. This snake is easily available in the market. They don’t get too big by the time. They can reside even in a small enclosure. They also breed easily. The price of the corn snakes varies depending on where you are purchasing it and their color combination. Their housing is very simple. These snakes live a long life.  


The California kingsnake is also known as kings. This is so because they can kill other snakes. The California snake is very famous in south California. They are famous for wildlife as well as for trading. These snakes would be the best option for beginners. Though they are quite nippy. Here, nippy means they move very quickly if not handled properly.

As said above, these snakes have a high capability of killing and eating other snakes, although they aren’t venomous. The length of these snakes is generally between 3-4 feet. They can reside in a small enclosure.


The rosy boa is not too much popular as compared to the California kingsnake and corn snake but it is quite popular. The rosy boa is easy to handle and care. They don’t get too much big. The length of these snakes is up to 4 feet when they are fully grown. The price of these snakes would be in between $30-40. These are easily available on the internet, reptile stores, reptile shows, etc. Moreover, these snakes are not easily available on the retail pet stores.

The life span of these snakes is more than 25 years. The enclosure of the Rosy Boa snakes should be closed because they always look for ways for escaping. Along with this, a source of heat is also mandatory for these snakes.


Gopher snakes are also known as Pituophis spp. Gopher snakes are said to be the best snakes for petting. These snakes make their movements very smooth. Their movement looks like the animation. They are easy to handle and care. Also, they are easily available in the market. Mostly, you will find them at reptile shows.

The price of these snakes is not too much higher and is affordable. The maximum length of these snakes is 3-6 feet. Their average length is 4-5 feet. These snakes have a heavy body. The life span of the Gopher snake is more than 15 years. One source of heat is mandatory in their enclosure.  


The ball python is also known as python regius. The ball python snake is a very famous name in the list of pet snakes. These snakes need more care. Even though, it is not difficult to handle and control these snakes. The ball python belongs to western and central Africa. Because of this, they always need a little humidity in their enclosure. These snakes have heavy bodies, though they are not large. The female python snakes have an average length of 3-5 feet. On the other hand, male python snakes have an average length of 2-3 feet. The length of their enclosure should be 3 feet. You can purchase ball pythons at a reptile show. The price of these snakes is generally $30.

From all the names mentioned above, the best choice for beginners is ball python. These snakes need special treatment and care as compared to other snakes. The ball python stops eating food once a year. Many people have the question, why ball python stops eating? The off-feed behavior of the ball python is said to be very normal. Moreover, if your ball python looks healthy, then there are no worries. But if your ball python looks thin, then you should consult the veterinarian. 


Here are the steps which will let you know how should you pet your snake. It is important to take some measures for your snake because they do not like being someone’s pet and if they are being a pet then they would require special treatment. The steps are listed below–>

  • Good beginner pet snake should be chosen. 

If you are a beginner in petting a snake, then you should choose pet snakes like ball python, corn snake, etc.

  • Know the life span

The snakes have a longer life span. That’s the owner should know their lifespan and make a commitment in their mind that they would take care of them for the rest of their life.  

  • Aware of the risks

Petting a snake is not an easy task. If you are bringing a snake to your home, then along with the snake you are also bringing risks. Snakes have many poisonous substances. You should always wash your hand after touching or handling it. 

  • Understand them

You must understand what does your snake-like and dislike. Snakes always love to be alone. They have a solitary creature nature. They do not like noise, crowd, sound, etc. Also, they love to be alone in their enclosure or habitat. They do not like the presence of even any other snake in their habitat. Along with this, they do not like that, anyone touches them too much. They like consistency. Keep consistency in cleaning their enclosure, changing the water, feeding them, etc.

  • Perfect surrounding

You should keep the environment and surroundings of your snake, such that they can happily survive in it. This doesn’t mean that you have to create a mini tropical forest in their enclosure. This means that you must maintain the proper level of humidity and temperature. You can know the ideal levels of humidity and temperature from the pet’s guide. After knowing this, you should fix the humidity gauge and thermometers for knowing their levels. Heat rocks should not be placed inside the enclosure because it will damage the snake’s skin. 

How to Tell If A Snake Doesn’t Like Being Petted?

It is very difficult to understand your pet from their actions. But the comfort of your pet is a thing which you can’t leave on guessing. Here are some signs which will let you know your snake is comfortable or not? They are listed below–> 

  • Squirming
  • Rearing up
  • Hissing
  • Fake striking
  • Real striking
  • Pulling away
  • Constricting stomach nervously

Sometimes you might feel that your snake is trying to wrap itself when you lift them or move your arm on it. Some people think that this is a way through which snakes show their physical affection towards their owner. Some people say they do this because they feel afraid and unsafe. They are afraid of heights. So, they make a tight grip around the hands. They also squeeze themselves when they need some space.

Don’t ignore these signs. The comfort of your pet snake is your responsibility. If you find these signs, then give your snake some space again for relaxing. 


Here are some steps which will let you know how you should take care of your pet snakes. They are listed below–> 

  • Make a habitat for them.

Generally, terrarium glass is used most for habitats. It appears like a fish tank which does not have water inside it.

  • Purchase a hide box which should be placed inside the habitat. 
  • Substrate materials should be chosen for the bottom of the habitat. 

Do Snakes Like Being Pets?

Many humans are attracted to snakes. But snakes aren’t. It has been said that snakes tolerate human beings. They are not like, cats, dogs, etc. so do their connection with humans. Dogs jump or bark when they feel happy or when they are excited. When snakes are happy, they curl themselves around your arms. Snakes do not show much affection and love for humans. But it will be okay for them if they don’t have human’s affection.


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