Can Guinea Pigs Eat Weeds?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat weed leaves that are beneficial to them. For instance, guinea pigs can eat dandelion and clover leaves. Many other leaves have harmful herbicides and pesticides in them.

Can guinea pigs eat fruit? Remember that some safe wild plants can look extremely similar others that are actually poisonous so make sure you have identified any plants accurately. Take a look at the safe food list (vegetables and fruit) for guinea pigs which will help you choose the best food for your pets.

Can guinea pigs eat Dock leaves? Guinea pigs can eat young dock leaves but they are not safe for guinea pigs to eat when they are seeding or after seeding. The leaves usually first appear in spring but they are high in oxalic acid so dock leaves shouldn’t be fed in large quantities to guinea pigs. If you’re unsure it is best to not pick them at all.

What can I Feed my guinea pigs? All the wild plants and weeds we’ve listed below can be foraged and fed to your guinea pigs: 1 Apple & Pear Leaves & Twigs 2 Birch Leaves & Twigs 3 Bramble Tips 4 Broadleaf Plantain 5 Burdock 6 Chickweed 7 Cleavers (Sticky Weed) 8 Coltsfoot 9 Dandelion 10 Dead Nettle More items…

Is chickweed good for guinea pigs? Chickweed is an excellent weed to forage for your guinea pigs as it is nutritious and said to be rich in vitamin C. Available throughout the year, you can easily identify chickweed by the row of hairs that run up one side of the stem and their small oval/round leaves with pointed tips. The leaves may be smooth or slightly hairy.

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