5 Best Cage For Large Syrian Hamsters of 2021

Guide to Cage For Large Syrian Hamsters

Large male Syrian hamsters are usually known as “teddy bears” or “teddy” for short. They were named after the famous teddy bears because of their large size. Teddy’s are big, but

Their normal body temperature is around 38-40°C (100.4-104°F). Their fur is very soft and thick with an undercoat of brown/grey, peach or peach-brown coloring with little black or dark grey spots all over them called ‘markings’.

Types of cages for large Syrian hamsters

Large Syrian hamsters are best kept in a ferret cage.

There are several different types of cages available. Some are made of metal while others are made from plastic or wire mesh.

Plastic cages

These cages usually have a plastic base and wire mesh sides. They are very low maintenance as you can simply wipe the plastic part of the cage down with soapy water, rinse it through and leave it to dry.

Metal cages

These types of cages usually have solid floors made from metal or wood/plastic which is covered in a litter-like bedding material (usually shavings or paper-based). These types of cages do require daily cleaning (grinding out the poo) and changing of bedding material.

Wire mesh cages

These types of cages usually have wire mesh doors and floors. The wire mesh makes them easy to clean as all you need to do is take out the furniture, pop all the corners out, take it outside and give it a good clean. Once you’ve done all this, pop the corners back into the cage and put your hamster’s furniture back in. You can even buy replacement panels that are easy to fit.

Benefits of using a wire mesh cage

It is very easy to clean the whole cage (just pull out the corners and give it a good clean), has great ventilation, easily replaced or additional panels, you can see how big your hamster has gotten so that you know when to buy another wire mesh cage.

Best Cage For Large Syrian Hamsters – FAQ

How big should a cage be for a Syrian hamster?

24 inches by 12 inches
Size. Aim for a minimum of 24 inches by 12 inches, and at least 12 inches tall. However, to keep your hamster active and happy, try to get a bigger cage—when it comes to hamster cages, bigger is always better. Syrian hamsters need ample space to run and play, and the actual floor space of the cage is important for this

What’s the best cage for a Syrian hamster?

The best hamster cages to buy
Zoozone Habitat medium: The best value hamster cage.
Savic Hamster Heaven: The best hamster cage for Syrian hamsters.
Ferplast Duna Fun: The best hamster cage for dwarf hamsters.
Zoozone Habitat large: The best hamster cage for multiple dwarf hamsters.

How big should a hamster cage be?

24 inches by 12 inches
Size of Cages

Is a 20-gallon tank big enough for a Syrian hamster?

A 20-gallon tank is big enough for one Syrian hamster or two Dwarf hamsters. While this is a sufficient size, a bigger cage is always better. Fish tanks are more likely to be taller, but hamsters need a minimum of a 24-inch x 12-inch base. A longer tank is better than a taller tank for all hamsters.

Do Syrian hamsters get lonely?

Do hamsters get lonely?

Do Syrian hamsters like to be held?

The Syrian hamster is the most popular pet hamster. Often referred to as teddy bears, short hair, or fancy hamsters they are known to be very docile and enjoy being held.

Do Syrian hamsters bite?

It’s rare for a hamster to actually be aggressive, though, and they typically only bite when they get scared. Those tiny teeth may not do as much damage as those of other animals, but a bite will hurt and should be discouraged. Fortunately, you can gradually train your hamster to accept being handled and stop biting.

Can I keep my hamster in my bedroom?

Keep your hamster in your bedroom only if you keep it warm in there, as cooler temperatures can send a hamster into hibernation. Temperatures of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit are appropriate for a hamster.

Are hamsters happy in cages?

A hamster won’t be happy just in a plastic cage; you have to give it bedding as well. Wooden shavings are a good start, but can be bad for your hamster’s health.

Is a tank or cage better for a hamster?

The Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine, however, recommends using a wire cage over a glass tank. A wire tank offers easier maintenance and a healthier living environment for your pet. Either way, hamsters are delicate creatures, so weekly cleaning and sanitizing is a must.

Do hamsters like to be held?

They do not like to be held. They are more prone to bite if they are startled or woken from a deep sleep, or if your hands smell like another animal or food. Handle your hamster gently. Do not allow other animals like cats, dogs, and ferrets to be around when you are handling your hamster.

How often do I clean my hamster’s cage?

Wash the entire habitat once a month.

Can a hamster live in a 20-gallon fish tank?

We think a 20-gallon hamster tank is a good option for most hamster breeds, and probably the minimum you should consider for a Syrian hamster. Ideally, you want the bottom floor of your 20-gallon hamster tank to be long and low. A 30-gallon tank however would be better, and a 40-gallon tank ideal.

Can a teddy bear hamster live in a 20-gallon tank?

They sure can! Twenty gallons long, that is. Yes, Twenty Gallon long tank. The tall one is a waste of money to buy unless you add custom shelves.

Is a 5-gallon tank big enough for a hamster?

Just like with hamsters and cages, the larger the tank you can afford, the better. Of course, if its a marine or saltwater hermit crab, then a 5 gallon will be fine.

Do hamsters get sad when you separate them?

It’s good that you separated them because they will fight to the death. The cages you have are very small, so it’s likely that that is what is making her depressed/lethargic.

How can you tell if a hamster is happy?

Hamsters Will Groom Themselves When They’re Happy.
Hamsters Will Come Up To Their Owners To Show Happiness.
Stretching Is A Way That Hamsters Show Happiness.
Yawning Can Mean That A Hamster Is Happy.
A Hamster Will Try To Interact With You.
Hamsters That Collect And Store Food Are Happy.

What human food can Syrian hamsters eat?

The following foods are safe for your hamster to eat:
Bok choy.
Sweet potatoes (should be removed of their skins before feeding, as molds can flourish in the skins and cause digestive tract upset and other ailments)

Which type of hamster is the friendliest?

Which hamster is the friendliest

Why do hamsters pee on their owners?

Maybe she’s just nervous; however, it is normal & it does happen to some people. My hamsters have never done it, but each hamster’s different. I think before you pick her up, maybe make sure she’s used the bathroom (I know that can’t be done all the time) but it may help. Otherwise, there’s not much you can really do.