5 Best Automatic Dog Ball Launchers of 2021

Guide to Automatic Dog Ball Launchers

Many dogs love playing with toys. Some owners find it difficult to find the time to play with their dogs, which can lead to bored dogs.

This device is often called a “ball launcher”, but also goes by other names such as “thrower” or “fetch machine.” This apparatus allows owners to place the nozzle of the unit in one location and press a button so that balls are thrown without any help from humans. As long as there are batteries within it, this machine will keep operating until every ball within the device has been thrown. As a result, there is no longer any need for owners to throw the ball themselves or spend time with their dogs outside.

Benefits of Automatic Dog Ball Thrower

Playing with dogs is an excellent way for owners to interact and train their dogs. Dogs of all ages benefit from playing since it provides them with exercise and mental stimulation. Owners who do not have time to play or walk can use this machine instead. Additionally, automatic ball launchers are particularly beneficial to new owners that have just adopted a puppy, as exercising plays a crucial role in training behavior. In fact, many trainers suggest the use of these machines on a daily basis in order to meet a dog’s exercise needs. Despite its benefits for both owners and dogs, throwing balls may be difficult on some humans’ bodies. Some dogs like to jump and run as soon as the ball is thrown, which means that owners often need to move quickly to avoid getting hit. This can lead to sore muscles and dirt on shoes. Although dogs should not be allowed to chew on their toys, some dogs like chewing on balls before they are thrown. Owners who do not want dirty balls should consider using an automatic machine instead of throwing them themselves. Unfortunately, some dogs also enjoy carrying or chasing balls after they have been thrown. Using a ball thrower prevents this behavior since no contact with the toy occurs until it has already been placed in the machine by its owner. Dogs may also learn commands such as “sit” when learning how to use these devices properly.

Best Automatic Dog Ball Launchers – FAQ

What is the best automatic ball thrower for dogs?

Best Automatic Ball Launchers For Dogs
#1 PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy.
#2 iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs.
#3 AFP Dog Automatic Ball Launcher.
#4 GoDogGo Fetch G4 Dog Automatic Ball Launcher.
#5 IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher.
#6 Playball Automatic Ball Launcher & Thrower for Dogs.
Buyers Guide.

Are ball launchers bad for dogs?

“This might be up and down a hill or on a beach, and it’s causing damage to their joints and trauma to muscles and cartilage. But because the dog is so excited, they carry on through the pain This can take years off their life expectancy.”

Which dog ball launcher goes the furthest?

The iDogmate ball thrower also has four distances to choose from, ranging from 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, and 50ft! This automatic ball thrower can definitely launch balls the farthest, and it even comes with a remote control to operate the device from a distance.

Do tennis balls fit in a Chuckit?

The medium ball is 2.5 inches in diameter, so the launcher will fit regular tennis balls, too!

Why fetch is bad for dogs?

Fetch and Physical Injuries

Should puppies chase balls?

Unfortunately, most dogs do their best when chasing the ball and do not care about their health. Therefore, it is better not to throw the ball: puppies.

Do dogs need a rest day?

Having a rest day is often beneficial for the human-dog relationship as you tend to focus more on your time together, rather than completing the “chore” of a dog walk.

Which ChuckIt launcher is best?

The Best Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs – Manual Launchers
Editor’s Choice for Manual Launcher.
ChuckIt! Indoor Ball Launcher.

Best for High-Visibility Play.
ChuckIt! Max Glow Pro.

Best for Daytime Play.
Best for Small Hands.
Hyper Pet Throw-n-Go.

Editor’s Choice for Semi-Automatic Launcher.
Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster.

How far can you throw a ChuckIt?

A durable plastic wand firmly grasps a tennis ball then releases it as you swing. With a little practice, you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet. Use with Chuckit! 2.5″ medium size balls.

What size is a normal tennis ball?

2.57 to 2.70 inches
The International Tennis Federation (ITF) oversees the official ball, but the accepted range of size and weight allow for variances from ball to ball. Tennis balls must measure from 2.57 to 2.70 inches in diameter and weigh between 1.975 and 2.095 ounces, leaving a bit of wiggle room for differences.

How does a ball launcher work?

The majority of tennis ball launcher machines on the market operate using counter-rotating wheels.
During this process the wheels squeeze the balls and put them under intense pressure, thus forcing them into a circular tube which leads to a small opening.
This soft, rubbery circular area is called a detent.

How do you use a dog ball thrower?

Play Fetch Using a ChuckIt! ®
Gather all materials.
STEP 1: Load rubber ball into the ball launcher.
STEP 2: Get ready to launch the ball by leaning your body weight on your back leg.
STEP 3: Launch!
STEP 4: The rubber ball will release itself from the ball launcher when it reaches the highest point of your swing.

How do I teach my dog to put a ball in a bucket?

Drop the ball in the launcher with it turned off. Take the ball out of the launcher manually and throw it for your dog to fetch. Associate verbal commands with the launcher. Say “bucket” or “drop it” while you put the ball in the launcher bucket to create a verbal association with placing the ball in the launcher.

Why won’t my dog drop the ball?

Another reason your dog won’t return the ball is that he or she is possessive. If your dog shows guarding behavior or a ball or stick, be wary. Dogs are food-focused, as well, and if you have food or treats in your hand, your dog could be more apt to drop the ball and barrel towards the food.

Are chuck it balls the same as tennis balls?

The Chuckit! Classic tennis ball thrower for dogs is also compatible with standard tennis balls. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) defines the official diameter as 6.54–6.86 cm (2.57–2.70 inches). Balls must have masses in the range of 56.0–59.4 g (1.98–2.10 ounces).

Are Chuckit balls the same size as tennis balls?


What size ball does a German shepherd need?

I personally recommend a ball size of at least 3 inches for German Shepherds.
An official tennis ball is between 2.
70 inches in diameter.
In many cases, a tennis ball in the mouth of a large adult German Shepherd could be a little small.

Why do dogs lick you?

Affection: There’s a pretty good chance that your dog is licking you because it loves you! It’s why many people call them “kisses.” Dogs show affection by licking people and sometimes even other dogs. Licking is a natural action for dogs. They learned it from the grooming and affection given to them.

Do dogs get bored of fetch?

“Dogs, just like people, repeat what they enjoy and what makes them feel good and happy,” says White. Some dogs might lose interest in fetch because they’re not getting enough positive reinforcement or enjoyment out of the activity.

Why tennis balls are bad for dogs?

The tennis ball can split apart in the back of the throat, blocking your dog’s airway. This can be fatal for your dog. The tennis ball can also break down into pieces as the dog chews, which creates a high risk that your dog will ingest those pieces.