10 Amazing Plants For Betta Fish

Betta fish are really popular in the aquarium world. They are cool to have and to care for. This is because of their bright colors, their intelligence, and their playfulness. However, if you intend to keep betta fish, you cannot have them solo in your fish tank. They need some company. And since they are a bit aggressive. Keeping them with other fish is usually not a great idea. This is the reason why people house them with live plants. 

Having live plants in your betta fish tank will make it look pretty. The plants will also keep your betta fish busy as they will have things to see and places to explore in the tank. They will also give your fish hiding spots where they can hide and relax. In this post, I will share with you 10 amazing plants for your betta fish. These are plants that bettas love and that will make your tank look really cool. 

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Let’s begin.

10 amazing plants for betta fish

  1. Anubias Nana

This water plant is considered one of the best plants for bettas. It is really a brilliant plant to have both for you and your betta. This is because of several reasons.

First, it has got wide leaves. The leaves make perfect beds for bettas when they need to rest or sleep. In the wild, bettas frequently take naps on this plant’s wide leaves. So if you want to give your betta the perfect bed to sleep on when it is tired and needs to rest, you should get this amazing plant. 

Second, it is a low maintenance plant. It does not require a lot of lighting and a lot of care to thrive. You do not even need to add plenty of organic fertilizer for it to thrive. You simply need to attach its roots to driftwood or rocks when planting it to keep it grounded. Once you do that, the plant will pretty much take care of itself. The fact that this plant does not need a lot of care and maintenance makes it perfect for bettas because it means that those who plant it get to spend more time caring for their bettas and less time worrying about or maintaining it.

Lastly, it is a slow grower. Consequently, it does not need frequent pruning or anything like that.

  1. Amazon Sword

As the name of this plant suggests, it is native to the Amazon region in South America. The main reason why bettas love it is the average size of its leaves. It has got wide and broad leaves just like the Anubias Nana. Betta fish like resting on the leaves when they get tired. Betta fish also like playing around its leaves and hiding in-between them. 

This plant is nutrient-hungry. This means it absorbs as many nutrients as possible for the aquarium water. This is brilliant because it means it leaves very few nutrients for algae to grow on and bloom. Therefore, it is a great plant for keeping algae at bay. 

One of the most important things you need to know about this plant before buying it is that it can grow quite big. In fact, it can get as big as 3 feet in height. For this reason, it is not perfect for small fish tanks under 10 gallons. You should only get it if your betta fish tank is larger than 10 gallons. 

You also need to know that you must root this plant properly if you want it to survive in your fish tank. This is because its wide leaves easily catch water circulation current, meaning it can be uprooted quite frequently if anchored badly. 

  1. Marimo Moss Balls

This is a unique plant that is perfect for betta fish aquariums. 

What you may not know is that while these balls look like plants, they are actually not plants. They are algae. A good kind of algae that does not affect betta fish in any negative way.

Marimo Moss Balls are native to Northern Europe and Japan. They are usually found in lakes with slow currents and it is such currents that make them look like balls. In tanks, they thrive in low lighting, good quality water, and cool temperatures. 

Bettas love Marimo Moss Balls and frequently rest on them. They are also known to play around with the balls. 

Before you get Marimo Moss Balls for your betta fish tank, you should keep in mind that they will flatten after some time. This is because most home aquariums do not have a good current. However, before they flatten out, they will be great playthings for your betta. 

  1. Java Fern

Java Ferns are really loved in the aquarium world. This is because they are independent plants that do not require a lot of care. You simply need to plant them and they will pretty much grow on their own. 

Perhaps the best thing about them is that they are low light aquarium plants. They do not need a lot of light to thrive. This means you do not need to buy a LED light to make them grow. You can if you want but it is not a must.

While Java Ferns are easy to grow, you have to be careful when introducing them to your aquarium. This is because they have got a rhizome which you should not bury when planting them. If you do this, they will die. The best way to plant Java Ferns is to attach them to an anchor e.g. a piece of driftwood or rock. 

Java Ferns are slow growers. So you don’t need to frequently maintain them or prune them as is the case with fast growers such as Anacharis and Hornwort. 

One more thing about Java Ferns is that they grow by having tiny ferns next to mature leaves. You can use these ferns as seeds to easily replant them in areas on your substrate where there is not much growth.

  1. Java Moss

Among freshwater fish tank plants, this one is perhaps the most popular. This is because it is quite attractive, low-maintenance, and hardy. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily take care of this plant. This is why it is one of the most recommended freshwater plants for beginners.  

The most unique thing about this plant is that it does not need a lot of light to grow. Just a bit of light is enough for it to survive and thrive. Moreover, it does not require to have its roots deeply rooted. It can just be attached to driftwood or rocks or simply floated. This proves just how low-maintenance it is. It also shows why the plant is perfect for betta fish tanks because they usually aren’t built with a deep substrate for anchoring plants.

Java Moss happens to grow densely. This makes it great for Betta fish because they like exploring dense and entangled vegetation.

While I have mentioned that this plant is low-maintenance. It does need some occasional maintenance in terms of pruning every now and then to make sure it stays neat and tidy.

  1. Pennywort

This is a very versatile and hardy plant. It can grow just about anywhere including underwater and on top of the water. It is also very easy to grow since it does not require much light, fertilizer, or constant care. This makes it quite popular with newbie aquarists who do not have much time or expertise with planted aquariums.

Like many plants, pennywort also gravitates towards the light. When it does this, its leaves usually form a great canopy near or on top of the water that provides a nice cover or shade for betta fish.

Because it quickly grows towards the surface, you have to regularly cut its top leaves to ensure it does not prevent your betta from accessing the top surface when it needs to.

Betta fish usually go to breathe at the surface and, therefore, if the leaves of your newly planted pennywort prevent your betta from doing so it becomes a bit dangerous.

Therefore, this plant is perfect for your betta as long as you do not let it grow out of control. The plant is also very attractive so it is something that you will also love to see daily in or on your aquarium.

  1. Water Sprite

This aquatic plant is usually referred to as the “playground for bettas”. This is because it grows in such a way that it creates the perfect aquatic environment for bettas to play in. The perfect aquatic environment I am talking about is the dense vegetation it becomes after a couple of weeks of growth. Betta fish like hiding and playing in plants with dense foliage.

If you are a new aquarist, you will probably like the fact that this fish does not need a lot of light to grow. However, this does not mean that it does badly in high-lighting. In fact, it is in high-lighting that this plant thrives. Nevertheless, if you do not want to be maintaining it frequently, you should keep it and your aquarium in low-light. Otherwise, it can become a nuisance.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this aquatic plant is the fact that it can simply be floated to grow. If you want to, you can also plant it. When it is left to float, it can create a great cover or shade for your betta, just like Pennywort. This can encourage your betta to hide under it or try to build a nest in it. 

Even though this plant grows rapidly, it is not very difficult to maintain because it is easy to trim. However, when maintaining it, you must make sure you remove the leaves you cut from it from your tank. Leaving the leaves inside your tank could lead to them decompose and release ammonia in your tank. This is something you do not want to happen considering the toxicity of accumulated ammonia to fish. 

  1. Duckweed

Duckweed has a swampy look. Some aquarium owners love it, others hate it. It is known for absorbing excess nutrients in aquarium water. The nutrients usually include ammonia that is harmful to all fish including Bettas. Duckweed is also known to provide great shade for bettas. So it is generally a very good plant for bettas and other fish. 

While there is no doubt that duckweed is amazing for bettas, it is also a bit bothersome. This is because it grows very fast and can become difficult to remove once it has established itself in an aquarium. Moreover, once it has established itself, this plant often tends to grow out of control at the surface and prevent light from getting to the bottom of the tank.

So while it may be great for your betta, you need to constantly maintain this plant and to make sure it does not take over your tank. 

  1. Hygrophila

Hygrophila is a beautiful wide-leaf aquatic plant. It is quite popular among aquarists. Its wide leaves will provide your betta fish with the perfect spots for resting. This makes it very convenient for betta fish tanks. It is also quite an attractive plant. You will not mind looking at it daily. 

However, while it is attractive and convenient, this plant can grow to about 28 inches in height. So it is only appropriate for big tanks with a capacity of at least 20 gallons. Furthermore, Hygrophila tends to grow pretty fast. Therefore, it needs constant maintenance to control its growth. Thus, if you are a busy person, it is most probably not the best option for you to keep in your planted aquarium.

To make sure this plant looks its absolute best, you need to expose it to high-lighting levels. If you don’t, it won’t die but its lower leaves and branches will look quite ugly. 

The plant is traditionally green but there are red species available on the market that you can use to make your tank look lively.

  1. Hornwort

Aquarists with betta fish tanks keep this aquarium plant because they find it hardy and low-maintenance. It is hardy in the sense that it can be planted almost anywhere. In fact, you actually do not need to plant it in the substrate; because you can just float it on the water surface. 

Your betta will love living in the same tank as this plant because the plant will provide it with great cover, the plant will absorb excess ammonia, and the plant will increase oxygen levels. In short, Hornwort is an absolutely amazing aquatic plant for betta fish tanks.

However, it also grows quickly and, therefore, needs frequent maintenance. 

Therefore, it is only best for those who like it and how it works and do not mind doing some maintenance work regularly.

Why live plants may be perfect for you

  • Live plants are attractive: This is pretty self-explanatory. Most live plants planted in fish tanks are usually very attractive and instantly enhance tank aesthetic.
  • Live plants enhance filtration: Fish eject waste some time after eating. The waste is usually primarily in the form of ammonia. The ammonia is eliminated from fish tanks by a cycled filter. However, not all of it gets eliminated at once. This is why it is important to add live plants as they can absorb ammonia and eliminate it from circulation. In other words, they can enhance filtration in your tank.
  • Live plants enhance aeration: Plants are important in aquariums in the sense that they consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This aerates the water and increases dissolved oxygen in it for your fish to use. 
  • Live plants keep algae in check: Live plants compete with algae for nutrients. And since they are generally bigger, they usually absorb more nutrients. The fact that they do this means that there are fewer nutrients in the water available for algae to absorb, grow, and multiply. So adding live plants to your tank will keep algae in check.

Why live plants may not be perfect for you

  • Live plants require maintenance: If you are busy, live plants are not for you. This is because most of them require regular maintenance to look neat and tidy.
  • Live plants need lighting: Plants need lighting to survive. So you will probably need to buy a special aquarium light to illuminate your plants. And if the light is not smart, you will have to remember to switch it on and off every day.


As you can see, many plants are perfect for growing in betta fish tanks. They include the Amazon Sword, Anubias Nana, and the Water Sprite. These plants can improve the aesthetic of your tank and help with filtration and aeration. They can also provide your betta with great cover, resting spots, hiding spots, and playgrounds. Invest in one of these plants today to give your betta a better life.